Vienna: Good Old Waltz (Part II)

Are you ready for the part II of Vienna’s rich and exciting heritage? In this post, I’d like to share some more of my personal favorites.

Being the longest river in Europe, Danube has developed it’s own legend and myth. But I have always had my own image of the river probably because of that famous waltz from J. Strauss II: On the Beautiful Blue Danube. Well, Danube is as beautiful as in my imagination, hehe~~ We rented a paddle boat and rode it around Donauinsel (Danube Island) for an hour, it was so pleasant and romantic. We also went to the Old Danube to have a look of the idyllic part of the river.

Belvedere is actually Italian and means “beautiful view”. It is used as an architectural term to refer the belvedere structure (remember that famous Belvedere painting by M. C. Escher?). But this magic word has been used for many other gorgeous things too.

The Belvedere in Vienna is a baroque palace complex contains a lower part, an upper part and gardens. At the upper Belvedere resides the Austrian Gallery Museum, which houses the world’s largest Gustav Klimt collection, along with the masterpieces of Egon Schiele and Claude Monet. It is really worth a visit! BTW, for museum lovers, Albertina is another museum I’d like to recommend.

The Giant Ferris Wheel is a perfect example of a good old thing of Vienna, it was built in 1897 and has been a landmark of the city ever since. Be sure to take a ride if you visit Vienna, it was such a wonderful feeling to be carried by something which is now more than 100 years old, like riding the wheel of time…

Talking about tradition, I have to mention the typical Viennese cuisine too. Enjoy the famous Wienerschnitzel (Viennese Schnitzel) and Spareribs at Pürstner, a restaurant has been run by Pürstner family for over three generations. For dessert, don’t miss the original Sacher-Torte (a famous chocolate cake introduced in 1832) at Hotel Sacher. And there is a very nice selection of cakes and sweets at Kurkonditorei Oberlaa too. Last but not least, try the Steckerlfisch (grilled fresh fish) at Strandcafe near Old Danube. :-)

Oh gosh I have to stop now, writing the yummy food makes me wanna go back to Vienna NOW. haha~~  It’s Friday again, have a wonderful weekend my dear friends!


  1. Fay
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    It sounds like Vienna a good place to drool over :-P

    And the sacher-torte since 1832… yum yum~~~

    Btw I love the view on The Giant Ferris Wheel. It’s breathtakingly peaceful!

  2. Posted June 7, 2010 at 8:30 pm | Permalink

    Fay, yeah, Vienna is truly fantastic!

    BTW, the sacher-torte is extreme sweet, actually most cakes in Austria are way too sweet for me. ;-)

  3. 泥M
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  4. 泥M
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    BTW, 特别喜欢看一些餐馆的内部装饰,记得前两天去印度饭馆吃饭,墙上摆了一些印度风情的照片,感觉可好啦!!最后一张这两盏灯打出来的效果太好啦!!


  5. pimo
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    期待Part 3 , 4, 5。。。

  6. Posted June 9, 2010 at 11:43 am | Permalink

    泥M,谢谢哲人写了这么多的点评,我好开心啊~~ :-D

    最后一张就是文章里介绍的Pürstner餐馆里的墙壁。他们的装饰很有奥地利,南德那边的传统风格。店里的侍者也都穿着老套的麂皮背带裤,特别有格林童话里人物的那种感觉。呵呵~~ 我也爱看餐馆的内部装饰,很多时候小小细节特别能打动人,也能感觉到主人背后的心思。

  7. Posted June 9, 2010 at 11:49 am | Permalink

    pimo,我不是很喜欢维也纳特别奢华的那一面,所以拍的都是自己眼中和心中的风景。嘿嘿~~ 另外Part 3,4,5要等我下次去再继续了。 ;-)


  8. 泥m
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    Thank you CL!

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