Summer Outfit (4): Lagoon & White

I actually wanted to try something more ethnic with this gorgeous Carré but end up with a simple white shirt and jeans shorts. A throw on ensemble is more comfy and maybe better for a hot summer day! ;-)


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  2. jibjab
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    Outrageously inspiring!!

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    Thank you & jibjab! :-)

  4. Elysium
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    Very chic outfit!

    I was at Val d’Europe yesterday, quite a nice shopping center, they even had a Marni boutique, maybe you want to have a look there next time you come, takes about 40 minutes by RER from the city center.

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    Elysium, a Marni boutique! OMG, we have to go there next time~~ Oh girl, I just want to go back to Paris now. :-(

    BTW, we were at FSH the other day and they have this Carré hung in the scarf section (exactly the same CW). Actually my hubby noticed it first. haha~~~

  6. Elysium
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    The Marni boutique looks much more organized than the other outlet boutiques there. The SA even told me that most of the stock are not on display. Since I don’t know their collections that well I can’t tell you how old the stock is, just remember I saw this very cute necklace consisting of 6 or so boll-like flowers in plastic. I probably looked at it for 5 minutes, but in the end I didn’t get it.

    I think right now FSH has two CPdM hanging on the wall, they added one in another CW.

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    Elysium, gosh, I think I know the necklace you’ve described. It is indeed very cute. ;-)

    Wow, they have two Miao skirts hanging now! How lovely~~ I was looking for the new TR Pointu (these with polka dots), but FSH has them only in dark wine red. Hope my SA here will locate a white one for me.

  8. Elysium
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    Do you know which season the necklace was from?

    I am sure that your SA will be able to find one in white, if it really didn’t work out I can help you to order one at FSH (maybe they can even send it to you directly).

  9. 小白
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    Carré is your new statement necklace!

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    Elysium, the necklace can’t be that old, probably from the 2010 resort collection. However, If the flowers are huge, they might be from SS09.

    I am pretty sure that my SA will get the Pointu too coz they are the FW Carrés, right? Many thanks anyway (I’ll keep you updated). ;-)

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    小白, love love your expression. Thanks dear! :-)

  12. 泥M
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  14. loll
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    泥M, 谢谢亲,刚从海边回来对蓝色一定还一往情深吧? ;-)

    pimo, 谢谢啊,点评得是。我也觉得这套丝巾才是Hingucker,呵呵~~

    loll, 好久不见啦,真开心又看到你。老朋友你可要多冒泡啊~~

    “游乐园”说的是天蓝色带数字的那款Le Jeu des Petits Bonheurs吧? 我前两天还戴过呢,下次专门贴给你看吧。:-) 另外我记得去年好象还在我们这里的店里看到过,是摆在jackstraws游戏边作为装饰的。你想要什么颜色?需要的话我回头帮你去问问。还有就是今年初为香港的St James’ Settlement Charity出了一款limited edition,很柔和夏天的桔色。没准儿还能找得到。

  16. 小白
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    我想问问QY丝巾如果买不起爱马仕的话 二线牌子有好看一点的麽

  17. 5am je t♥aime
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    {hi from california!} just found out about your stylish blog and loved it. i’m putting up your link on my website. i blog about asian related fashion/style.

    {cheers, gabrielle}

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    小白,说到丝巾,我知道的除了H,就是SF和Liberty Of London了。

    二线牌子专门做丝巾出彩的我一时还真想不到哪个具体的牌子。但是好多fashion designers也常会出丝巾作为配饰,花纹和图案比较有特色的有Pucci, Etro, Matthew Williamson。。。类似这样的牌子打折的时候出手价钱还是可以接受的。比如这个,点我,是嫩的茶吗?


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    gabrielle, a warm welcome and thank you for your kind comments. I’ll go check your blog out now! :-)

  20. Linda
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    Great outfit (as usual!) Hugs, L

  21. 小白
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    好呀 好呀 我先把你的那些ORANGE BOX的文章都研究完先!!

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    Linda, hugs to you back! <3



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  26. Budd
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    mmm qué rioaccá tan pocas que hay y las venden tan carashay que darse uno sus gustitos dentro del trabajo =) saludos

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