S/S Inspiration: Hardcore Elegance

I am so in love with this Tough Ballerina editorial from April’s Interview magazine, Freja Beha Erichsen by Craig McDean. The contrast of soft and strong, black and pink, leather and silk, Ann Demeulemeester and Roberto Cavalli… Amazing styling!

Picture Credit: Craig McDean 4 interview

I’ve paired a hard motorcycle vest with a soft ruffle dress last year (click here to have a look), it is not that “tough” like the editorial, but IMHO more wearable for everyday life. ;-) I do like to try something more interesting this summer!


  1. iilns
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    These are truly inspirational! Who would have thought of styling Ann D with Cavalli, ruffles & leather together! I’d seen a few other shots from Freja’s post at tfs. I must admit they picked the right model, too ;-) Freja always succeeds to embody good balance of femininity and masculinity to the very precise point. Love her! Good post, Qy~

  2. 小白
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    大长腿哈哈哈 研究了很久第二个图里面的鞋子 是不是没有跟??
    图一 小样 想打架吗?
    图二 姑奶奶我都不屑搭理你
    图三 看我无敌大厚鞋底踹不死你丫的
    图四 姐姐我错了 你看看我腿都静脉曲张了 你放过我吧

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    iilns, you are very welcome. haha~~ Yeah Freja is definitely the best choice. She has something very strong which suits the attitude of this editorial perfectly.

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    小白,对着你的点评再去一张张看照片真是太好玩了,很贴切啊。 :-)


  6. 小白
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  7. 泥M
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  8. 小白
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    泥M,总结很到位嘛。这组照片的确很有力量,背后团队的精诚合作是关键,嘿嘿~~ :-)

    小白,嫩就别越描越黑了,我们都看到了科学家的另一面哈。 :-P

  10. 小白
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    哎呀 内心阴暗的我躲在角落画圈圈

  11. Pjuan
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    Until I found this I thhgout I’d have to spend the day inside.

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