Roman Holiday

The last time I was in Rome, like every visitor to the eternal city, I threw a coin into the Trevi Fountain to wish a return. This time we did the same thing, because Rome is:

The city of angle…

The city of glory and dream…

The city for believer…

The city of legend and myth…

The city for seeking the truth…

The city of history and heritage…

The city of art…

The city of endless sunshine…

And last but not least, the city of that magic fountain. Till next time…the one and only: ROMA!


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    Happy New Year to you! So beautifully written as always. It’s the one place my hubby has been hankering to go for quite sometime. Thanks again for posting the necklaces to me. I’ve yet to wear them but I can’t wait to do so when I get back. *sigh* Back to snow and freezing temperature.

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    CCC, happy new year to you too! Rome is so fascinating, definitely worth visiting.

    Ah, the necklaces. I happened to find another bib necklace for a friend, so pleased to make two gorgeous ladies happy.:-)

  6. purseaddict**
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    Beautiful pictures!! So glad you had a wonderful holiday! :o)

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    purseaddict, thank you my dear!

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    It’s impetarive that more people make this exact point.

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