Malachite Love

I have been searching for some fashion accessories in malachite for a while, this kind of green is so charming and intriguing that I absolutely can’t resist. So I have my eyes set on two gorgeous necklaces: the mini Theresa from Shourouk and an Art déco inspired one from Anton Heunis.
mlcI don’t own anything from these two brands and neither do I see anything in person. So I simply blind ordered both and oh my, what a surprise! The former is a huge disappointment, quite a few uneven and flecked stones. Well, they said it is meant to be slightly distressed. Seriously? the green color painted on some stones are already broken. IMHO, this is way too overpriced for something retailed for €615 (no offense to all the Shourouk lovers out there, I adore their design but find the quality/price ratio unfair).

On the contrary, the one from Anton Heunis is such a delightful gem! Beautifully hand made in Madrid. Fabulous tones, lovely packaging, let alone the attention to details. And it costs just a quarter of the mini Theresa from Shourouk. Everything about this one is perfect and I can’t be more happy with it.

Have a nice start to the week!ahn


  1. Ling
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    Ling,恩恩,实物细节非常精美。Anton Heunis这个来自马德里的牌子我是爱上啦。

  3. Lola
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    You are right Mrmacrum and Robert. It doesn’t matter how this hapeenpd. We need to get our butts in gear and fix the problem. And from what I’ve heard it would be cheaper to actually fix the problem than continue on with the status quo.

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