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We were too lazy to take pictures while we were in Paris due to the hot weather, but I did notice how beautifully the Parisian dress themselves in Summer. Like their love for good food, fine wine, individual clothes form a part of their personality too.

Talk about fashion, what inspired me most during this trip is how the Parisian wear the old season’s iconic pieces, how they mix them with something new effortlessly. I’ve seen that gorgeous tie-dye dress from Prada’s SS04 collection, DVN’s fifties-derived floral top from SS08 and the A-line shaped white dress from Phoebe Philo’s Chloé time… It’s so delight to see people are still wearing and loving these old beauties.

On our way back home, I read an article from the Air France Madame magazine. It was an interview with a 21 years old jewelry designer from Paris, who’s wearing a 4 season’s old Chloé blazer (paired with a white tee from Alexander Wang, vintage Wrangler denim shorts and Chanel clogs). When was asked about her fashion rules she said something like: invest pieces you’ll cherish forever and let them become your wardrobe staples. Wear them every season with confidence, coz they’ll age gracefully together with you…


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    You are so observant, at best I can only recognize some bags when I’m in the city.

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    invest pieces you’ll cherish forever and let them become your wardrobe staples. Wear them every season with confidence, coz they’ll age gracefully together with you…


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    这次去蓬皮杜看画展,最喜欢的就是Joan Miró的作品。他早年受Van Gogh,Picasso,Matisse的影响很大,于是便尝试了立体派,野兽派。。。但是模仿别人最终得不到正真的快乐,直到他找到了自己的风格,用明快的色彩和抽象的几何符号来表达自己的无拘无束和对自由的向往。看他的画非常愉悦,一点没有愤世嫉俗的压抑感。

    穿衣这点上,巴黎人真的很有自己的想法。我记得UGG大热的时候,德国满大街都是。那时后去巴黎,几乎看不到有人穿。 ;-)

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    Elysium, I can only recognize these most coveted pieces~~ :-P

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  7. Pixy
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    I have been reading ur blog for a while now. Loved your pictures and writings:) Just wondering if you actually work in the fasion industry…

  8. Being Loving Doing
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    How sad that you didn’t shoot what you’re talking about. I’d like to see it as you saw it.
I live in Paris actually, and how girls dress in the street shatters my look.

    But, that’s true that sometimes …. This afternoon, I was out and about between Saint Germain des Prés and La Seine River, walking in the sunset, enjoying a Grom ice cream (the best ice cream ever), when I bumped into 3 girls (around 16. kids !!!), with a true style like the one you describe. They were too young to mix vintage and newly minted collection. It was all brand new collections and what’s in right now. But their eye 4 style was obvious.

    Maybe, I’m so used to French elegance that I don’t see it anymore. Though, last year in the US, looking people around, I made myself notice that French people got style indeed …
Love your posts


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    这个话题比较深刻 我还是先跟着你们学配色 搞好皮囊 顺便肚子里装点干货

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    Pixy, a warm welcome and thank you for your compliment. No, I don’t work in fashion industry. ;-)

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, many thanks for your input. I am very happy to see you here. <3

    I know exactly what you mean. Now I regret that I didn’t take the free copy Madame home so that I could at least show the pictures of the young jewelry designer. She really impressed me with her understated chic style (the true French elegance you’ve mentioned).

    And thanks for your tip on the Grom ice cream, can’t wait to try it when we are in Paris next time!

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  13. jibjab
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    Any recommendation for local stores to visit? :)

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    jibjab, most interesting small stores are in Marais area. We only went to the big department stores (Printemps, Bon Marché, Samaritaine) this time coz hubby is not a fan of shopping. lol~~

    BTW, there is a store called Colette (213 rue saint-honoré) which I love to visit, you really get lots of inspirations there.

  15. jibjab
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    Thanks! Added to the list :)

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    另外,突然发现你的Archives正常了,这下我就不用一页一页的翻了。 嗯,也有可能是我电脑的问题。

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    pimo, 不是你的电脑问题,是我script的问题,不过我是偶然发现的。以前都测试过一切正常的,所以没想到upgrade后会突然不对劲了,于是赶紧修复了。下次有啥问题早点告诉我哈,我好及时改正。先谢谢啦~~ 呵呵。


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