Gone Baby Gone

Happy Monday everyone! How was your weekend? The weather was too dreadful for gift shopping or Christmas market strolling, so we went bowling with friends instead. It was fun but what pleased me even more was watching the movie afterwards: Gone Baby Gone.

Based on the book by Dennis Lehane, who is also the author of Mystic River (another my favorite), Gone Baby Gone tells a story of a missing child and the two private detectives who was hired to find her.

I’ve been always fond of movies that would deal with a complex and interesting plot than those unrealistic blockbusters, the beauty of Gone Baby Gone lies in a series of solid and unexpected twists but also forces moral questions onto you that have no easy right or wrong answers. It has many tense moments and the story is fascinating in that it makes you think about life’s choices.

Ben Affleck has done a great job in his directorial debut. Amy Ryan was brilliant in her role as an alcoholic, drug taking mother. Overall, Gone Baby Gone is a well done crime drama with a captivating story.


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