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Fall Outfit (4): Encore of the white Collar ;-)

In my previous outfit post, many friends are fond of the adorable white collar, so I think this little cutie deserves another post. Hope you’ll like it.

Arm warmers: Falke, gloves: Hermès, shoes: Bagatt, the rest: COS.

Fall Outfit (3): Dancing Zigzag

Happy Monday everyone! It has been a while since my last post, time for another Fall outfit. I hope you are enjoying the same beautiful crisp and sunny Autumn weather that we have here. Wish you all a wonderful new week! :-)
Collar: COS, sweater top: American Retro, skirt: Proenza Schouler, arm warmers: Falke, gloves: Roeckl, flats: Paco Gil.

Raining Tuesday

When it rains, I always tend to grab more brights than neutrals. Plus a cup of hot chocolate. ;-) How about you, does the change of weather affect your choice of clothes & drinking habit?

Step into Fall

I’ve come to a point in my life where I’d better start wearing more comfy shoes than high heels, so I recently got myself some new flats. Each pair have a little twist and I love how they add a bit of whimsy to the classic ballerina look. What are you lusting for right now? ;-)

Fall Outfit (2): Cheap & Cheerful

If you have been following my blog for a while, you may have noticed that I am a skirt/dress kind of girl most of the time. So in case you are getting bored of seeing all these non-pants outfits, today finally comes something different. Lol~~

This pair of wide-leg polka dots pants from H&M is one of my recent cheap and cheerful funds. I didn’t even want to take them off after trying on. Fabulous cut, lovely made and they are just too comfy to resist. :-P

Shirt: Maje, sweater: Forte_Forte, belt: Hermès, pants: H&M, brooch & pumps: Marni.

Fall Outfit (1): Red is a Neutral

Happy Monday everyone! Although officially we are still having summer, it already feels like Fall. I adore the crisp air in the morning and evening, while the rest of the day is full of pleasant sunshine. So happy that my favorite season of the year is here! :-D

Wish you all a wonderful Mooncake Festival!

Cardigan: Robbi & Nikki, shirt: COS, skirt: Tory Burch, necklace: Miu Miu, bag & scarf: Hermès, shoes: Marni.

Summer Outfit (7): Casual Friday

T-Shirt Carré Monsieur et Madame in action. I adore the laziness and softness of this scarf, a great summer accessory. Enjoy your weekend! :-D
Dress: H&M, scarf: Hermès, flats: Elizabeth Stuart.

Summer Outfit (6): Easy Weekend

Just another casual ensemble, my typical summer uniform for a laid back day. Love the print on the skirt, so artistic. It reminds me of the iconic works by Mark Rothko.

Wish everyone a fabulous weekend! :-)

Top, skirt & necklace: COS, bag: Hermès, sandals: Gianna Meliani.

Summer Outfit (5): A little bit of my Favorites

In my last post, I wrote down my approach to build a perfect wardrobe. Besides quality over quantity, what has helped me most is trying to buy only my personal favorites. This post is about some of them. ;-)

The black sweater top/dress has a funny name: the square dress. It is basically just like a square tube when laying flat, but with a pair of interesting asymmetric short sleeves. Unfortunately I don’t have an action shot to show you, but here is an online picture, so you can see how it looks like in person. I’ve worn the dress in various ways and it never failed to wow me.

The bag, belt and necklace have become my wardrobe staples ever since I took them home. Couldn’t be more happy with these purchases.

Last come the skirt and these flat sandals, being a lover for modern abstract prints and geometric shapes. They are things to spice up an outfit and help me form my personal, dare I say: style? Other than that, the bright colors always cheer me up. :-D So what’s your wardrobe favorites?

Top: Knott Galerie Vie, skirt & flat sandals: Marni, necklace: COS, bag & belt: Hermès.

Building the perfect Wardrobe

At the beginning of this year, I made a style resolution (click here) in order to get myself more disciplined about buying new clothes. Now it has been more than 6 months, time to review. ;-)

Picture Credit:

Well, writing down a resolution really helps. I’ve definitely become more selective and less impulsive about my purchases. So far none of them is an impulsive buy and all of them can be easily integrated into my existing wardrobe.

I guess there are no universal rules about how to build a perfect wardrobe as everyone’s tastes and needs are different. What works for me is the idea of wardrobe favorites. i.e. when I am about to buy something, I always ask myself whether I’ll love and cherish it forever. In this way, I said good bye to a red crochet sweater which is too trendy, I put down a skirt I probably won’t like next year and I returned a LBD which is not perfect but on sale…

If you are into fashion and like the fun of seasonal change, this is not gonna work. However, if you are more interested in developing your personal style and you prefer quality over quantity, give it a try. Think about a wardrobe full of treasures that give you pleasure season after season, how cool is that? lol~~