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Amsterdam (Part 3): Pathé Tuschinski

This is the last part of our Amsterdam journey. I would like to recommend a personal favourite: Pathé Tuschinski, which is a movie theater commissioned by Abraham Icek Tuschinski in 1921.

“The interior and exterior are a spectacular mix of styles, as designed by Hijman Louis de Jong; Amsterdam School, Jugendstil, Art Nouveau and Art Deco. The main auditorium hosts many premieres of Dutch films. It is considered as one of the most beautiful cinemas in the world.”PatheTuschinskiBe sure to catch a movie at Pathé Tuschinski when you are in Amsterdam, you won’t be disappointed. ;-)

Amsterdam (Part 2): Breitner House

Where do you prefer to stay when you travel? When we are on vacation with the small one, apartment is my no. 1 choice, however when we are on our own, I always wanted something special, something that is not only just a hotel room.

The Breitner House in Amsterdam is such a gem. It offers two suites: George Breitner suite & Isaac Israels suite, both got their names since they have been home to these two amazing dutch painters back then. The suites are spacious with tastefully picked antique furnitures & fine arts, it’s more like entering a museum instead of a suite. 


Our staying was such a pleasure for eye and heart. Not only because the impeccable suite itself, but also its charming & classy owner: Camilla & Guido, who greeted us like old friends, treated us with one of a kind breakfasts and made our stay so beautiful and so unforgettable.

Dear Camilla & Guido, your taste and kindness are second to none, we will surely be coming back! THANK YOU AGAIN & SEE YOU SOON!

Amsterdam (Part 1)

We had a three day getaway to Amsterdam, a city I always wanted to explore in Summer (have been there in Winter before). It turned out to be a wonderful experience, I absolutely adore the liberal spirt of this marvellous place, the warmth of the ppl, the fantastic food, let alone the art & beauty the city itself has to offer.


If you want to admire the Dutch master’s works, these famous paintings from Asselijn, Vermeer, Bollongier, Rembrandt, van Gogh… there are plenty of museums to visit; if you want to go out at night, there are countless cool pubs/bars to step into; if you want to make a city tour, rent a bike or simply hop on a boat; if you want to go shopping, take a stroll to the 9 streets area (De 9 Straatjes)… So I am not going to name any addresses here, but I do want to share two things about Amsterdam which are IMHO not only breathing-taking beautiful, but definitely worth the visit. Stay tuned! ;-)


Hola BCN!

We spent one week in one of our all time favorite cities in Europe: Barcelona! Wonderful weather, great food and I am so glad to be able to come back, well, this time with my little one.
He had great fun all the time and seems to fall in love with this marvelous city too. <3


Hermès Rue de Sèvres

Happy Tuesday everyone! It’s the last day of May, I guess I really should finish this post which has been in my draft folder for quite some time. For those of us who appreciate Hermès, a trip to Paris won’t be complete without dropping by one of their stores. Among all H stores in Paris, the newly opened one on the left bank is my absolutely favorite. There is nothing spectacular from the outside. However, stepping inside, the first thing that embraces you is the smell. Since the entrance of the store is a flower shop bursting with most gorgeous blooms by florist Baptiste Pitou. Further inside comes the most amazing part of the store, an installation made of curved strips of ash wood by architect Denis Montel. More surprises come when you walk further, there are even a book shop and a tea bar inside! The three floored store is used mainly to showcase furniture and homewares. But you can also find a small counter for scarves as well as one section for leather goods. Even if you are not into Hermès, their store on Rue de Sèvres is well worth a visit. ;-)

Springtime in Paris

We’ve been to Paris countless times, but still can’t get enough of this remarkable city. <3

I guess it’s not only about the historical spots, the arts, the foods, the fashion and these awe-inspiring small shops… The charm of the city lies in the way the Parisian lives their life.

There they are enjoying their life. Well, as you can see, even their dogs are doing so. ;-P

Roman Holiday

The last time I was in Rome, like every visitor to the eternal city, I threw a coin into the Trevi Fountain to wish a return. This time we did the same thing, because Rome is:

The city of angle…

The city of glory and dream…

The city for believer…

The city of legend and myth…

The city for seeking the truth…

The city of history and heritage…

The city of art…

The city of endless sunshine…

And last but not least, the city of that magic fountain. Till next time…the one and only: ROMA!

Le Chic Parisien

We were too lazy to take pictures while we were in Paris due to the hot weather, but I did notice how beautifully the Parisian dress themselves in Summer. Like their love for good food, fine wine, individual clothes form a part of their personality too.

Talk about fashion, what inspired me most during this trip is how the Parisian wear the old season’s iconic pieces, how they mix them with something new effortlessly. I’ve seen that gorgeous tie-dye dress from Prada’s SS04 collection, DVN’s fifties-derived floral top from SS08 and the A-line shaped white dress from Phoebe Philo’s Chloé time… It’s so delight to see people are still wearing and loving these old beauties.

On our way back home, I read an article from the Air France Madame magazine. It was an interview with a 21 years old jewelry designer from Paris, who’s wearing a 4 season’s old Chloé blazer (paired with a white tee from Alexander Wang, vintage Wrangler denim shorts and Chanel clogs). When was asked about her fashion rules she said something like: invest pieces you’ll cherish forever and let them become your wardrobe staples. Wear them every season with confidence, coz they’ll age gracefully together with you…

Vienna: Good Old Waltz (Part II)

Are you ready for the part II of Vienna’s rich and exciting heritage? In this post, I’d like to share some more of my personal favorites.

Being the longest river in Europe, Danube has developed it’s own legend and myth. But I have always had my own image of the river probably because of that famous waltz from J. Strauss II: On the Beautiful Blue Danube. Well, Danube is as beautiful as in my imagination, hehe~~ We rented a paddle boat and rode it around Donauinsel (Danube Island) for an hour, it was so pleasant and romantic. We also went to the Old Danube to have a look of the idyllic part of the river.

Belvedere is actually Italian and means “beautiful view”. It is used as an architectural term to refer the belvedere structure (remember that famous Belvedere painting by M. C. Escher?). But this magic word has been used for many other gorgeous things too.

The Belvedere in Vienna is a baroque palace complex contains a lower part, an upper part and gardens. At the upper Belvedere resides the Austrian Gallery Museum, which houses the world’s largest Gustav Klimt collection, along with the masterpieces of Egon Schiele and Claude Monet. It is really worth a visit! BTW, for museum lovers, Albertina is another museum I’d like to recommend.

The Giant Ferris Wheel is a perfect example of a good old thing of Vienna, it was built in 1897 and has been a landmark of the city ever since. Be sure to take a ride if you visit Vienna, it was such a wonderful feeling to be carried by something which is now more than 100 years old, like riding the wheel of time…

Talking about tradition, I have to mention the typical Viennese cuisine too. Enjoy the famous Wienerschnitzel (Viennese Schnitzel) and Spareribs at Pürstner, a restaurant has been run by Pürstner family for over three generations. For dessert, don’t miss the original Sacher-Torte (a famous chocolate cake introduced in 1832) at Hotel Sacher. And there is a very nice selection of cakes and sweets at Kurkonditorei Oberlaa too. Last but not least, try the Steckerlfisch (grilled fresh fish) at Strandcafe near Old Danube. :-)

Oh gosh I have to stop now, writing the yummy food makes me wanna go back to Vienna NOW. haha~~  It’s Friday again, have a wonderful weekend my dear friends!

Vienna: Good Old Waltz (Part I)

The capital of Austria has again been named by Mercer as the best city to live in the world. With the curiosity of how the city actually is, we made our 4 days trip to Vienna last week.

It’s hard to write a travelogue coz Vienna has so much to offer. From Stephen’s Cathedral to Schönbrunn Palace, from Danube River to the Giant Ferris Wheel, from the Imperial Palace to the Museum of Fine Arts, From the Belvedere to the Albertina… Hmm…where to start? Maybe I’d better let pictures tell the story this time.

Schönbrunn is the former summer residence of the imperial family and one of the most beautiful baroque palaces in Europe. It contains an enchanting park, a palm house, a labyrinth and even a zoo! At Schönbrunn, I couldn’t help think of the Summer Palace in Beijing. The architecture genre is totally different, but that lavish and luxurious life style is quite the same.

Vienna’s City Hall is a magnificent building in neo-Gothic style. It was designed by Friedrich von Schmidt, the architect of the Cathedral of Cologne.

The Stephansplatz is named after the city’s most prominent building, St. Stephen’s Cathedral, which is one of the tallest churches in the world.

The University of Vienna is one of my favorite spots during the trip. It was founded by Duke Rudolf IV in 1365 and is the oldest university within the German speaking area. What I love most is the university library. The old time interior is so beautiful and impressive. Unfortunately I don’t have a photo of the library to share, since it is very rude to disturb the students who were reading there. So you gotta go there by yourself, see and be amazed. ;-)

…to be continued