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The Battle for Hermès

Happy Monday everyone! I’d like to share an interesting article from WSJ today. It’s an inside view of why LVMH’s Bernard Arnault wants Hermès to be one of his “star brands” so badly, beautifully written by Dana Thomas.

If you are interested, please click on the picture to read the full story. Enjoy~~

Picture Credit: Brigitte Lacombe for WSJ

Hermès FW11 Carrés

It’s still August, but it already feels like Autumn. At least today, lol. Not a great day to take a walk in the city, but the perfect time to preview the Fall/Winter carrés. ;-)

Since I am in the mood for purple this season, designs that caught my attention are Esprit Ainou and Magic Kelly. Well, I have to go to the store and see them in person first. How about you? What’s your favorite new season carres?

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Carré Story – Monsieur et Madame

Happy Monday everyone! I hope you’ve had a wonderful weekend. To kick off a new week, I’d like to share one of my recent acquisitions: T-Shirt Carré Monsieur et Madame by Bali Barret.

What attracts me about this carré is not only the fun design (a gentleman and a lady with iconic Hermès products for man and woman painted inside their body), but also the fabric. Unlike the classic silk carré, this one is 100% made of cotton, which is butter soft and just perfect for hot summer days! Besides, I love how versatile it is. My SA joked that it is a “collector’s” piece because you can count the items in the carré to see how many you’ve already have in your own collection. lol~~ My dear H lovers, what do you think? ;-)

Hermès Rue de Sèvres

Happy Tuesday everyone! It’s the last day of May, I guess I really should finish this post which has been in my draft folder for quite some time. For those of us who appreciate Hermès, a trip to Paris won’t be complete without dropping by one of their stores. Among all H stores in Paris, the newly opened one on the left bank is my absolutely favorite. There is nothing spectacular from the outside. However, stepping inside, the first thing that embraces you is the smell. Since the entrance of the store is a flower shop bursting with most gorgeous blooms by florist Baptiste Pitou. Further inside comes the most amazing part of the store, an installation made of curved strips of ash wood by architect Denis Montel. More surprises come when you walk further, there are even a book shop and a tea bar inside! The three floored store is used mainly to showcase furniture and homewares. But you can also find a small counter for scarves as well as one section for leather goods. Even if you are not into Hermès, their store on Rue de Sèvres is well worth a visit. ;-)

Le Kelly

Sometimes finding the right bag is like finding a soul mate – is about being lucky. You just need to have a little faith, trust yourself and trust what gives you pleasure. :-D

Unlike some of my friends who prefer bags without veining, I, on the contrary, adore them. They make a bag less “perfect”, but marvelous and natural in each her own unique way…

Carré Story – Nuées Imaginaires

For the Spring/Summer 2011 carré collection, I have my eyes set on three designs: Fleurs d’Indiennes, Brides de Gala en Finesse and Nuées Imaginaires.

Being a lover of flowers, it’s a shame that I don’t have a carré in this theme. ;-) So I was really curious when I first heard of the Fleurs d’Indiennes. The design is quite interesting, but unfortunately the pattern itself seems a little bit busy for my taste.

Brides de Gala en Finesse is a remake of the classic Brides de Gala (design by Hugo Grygkar in 1956). I adore the colors and the idea of making a negative of the classic design. I am also fond of the charming and dedicate lines of the new version. The only problem is that it doesn’t impress me that much when knotted. Since I am not that kind of gal who collects carrés for admiration, I have to wear and enjoy them on a daily basis, so this is not the right one for me.

“Fragile vessels of the imagination, clouds trace our dreams. The world of this carré originates in a shifting and lighthearted nebulousness. Flowers and leaves multiply, traced by a sure hand and guided by a childlike spirit. Sheltered by them in their meanderings, or proudly astride their woolly profiles, all sorts of incredible animals find refuge there. Four-footed birds, flying fish, winged goats, equine mermaids… From their breath surge fleecy little clouds who drink in their words, wide-eyed. These learn their future tasks from their mouths: to protect the earth from the sun, to create the rain which will irrigate the soil… or just to let themselves go, nudged by the wind.”

The story behind Nuées Imaginaires is fascinating. I love everything about this carré, the mood, the design, the contrast hem, the colorway (these pictures don’t do the justice, the color is so vivid in real life)… Most importantly, it looks gorgeous on person. I never thought of buying a black carré, but this one is just love at first encounter. Besides, it rounds out my little carré family perfectly. ;-D

What’s your favorite from SS11?

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The Smart & the Pretty

What accessories you can live without? In my case, earrings are not my must-haves (haven’t been wearing them for years). I know, shame on me because I got my ears pierced when I was nine. ;-P Instead I have a weakness for beautifully made belts.

The pretty vernice bow waist belt is something I had my eyes on since last year, I like the fact that it can wonderfully turn a plain outfit into something special, feminine but not girly.

Having made a resolution to buy more classics, I consider another smart reversible belt justified. ;-) It complements my other belts perfectly coz each of them is unique in its own way. The two reversible belts are in Iris (Swift)/Rubis (Epsom) and Gold (Togo)/Black (Box) while the Rafale is in Etoupe (Clémence). It’s nice to have three belts in five different colors and leather types, enough to mix & match with different outfits.

Season’s Greetings

First of all, I am sorry that I haven’t updated my blog for a while. December is crazy busy for me, gift shopping, X-mas parties, friends gathering plus a trip to Rome… but thank God everything has been settled and we are back home again. Now it’s time to sit down and enjoy the holidays, so I just wanted to wish you all:

A Very Merry Christmas and a Happy, Healthy New Year! :-D

Holiday Gift Ideas

The holiday season is just around the corner, have you started buying gifts already? There is nothing on my wish list right now (is it a good thing or a bad thing? Bad for me but good for my hubby for sure. lol). Anyway, if you already have a long list, do share. As you see, I really need inspirations. ;-) Instead, I found a few little things that might be nice for family and friends.

- A cute cat. It is actually a purse hook from Alessi, looks fabulous and works like charm (click hier to have a look).
- A little bottle from the Hermessence collection is always good. I got my favourite scents from a wonderful friend last month: Rose Ikebana and Osmanthe Yunnan. I’d like to buy these two along with the Vétiver Tonka and the new Iris Ukiyoé to surprise others for Christmas.

Carré Story – Beloved India

“Like an enormous illustration, the Carré Beloved India pays tribute to the artisans who paint the earthen walls of Indian homes. Giant cartoons, picture-book illustrations and childlike frescoes… This figurative, ornamental and very expressive painting style is characteristic of Indian folk art.”
When Beloved India was first issued in Fall 2008, it immediately caught my attention because of the gorgeous illustration draw by Philippe Dumas (Monsieur Dumas is the grandson of Emile Hermès and also an illustrator of children’s literature. Btw, Emile Hermès is the grandson of Thierry Hermès, the founder of the house). However, I didn’t buy any silk Carrés back then coz I couldn’t find a colorway that really sing to me. One season later, the same design has been reissued as cashmere and silk shawl. This time, there is ONE just made my heart beat faster: the absolutely stunning bleu dur/corail/bleu jean colorway.

I feel pleased every time when I wear this beauty, maybe because of the cheerful design, or maybe because it just makes my raining November days more cozy and enjoyable. I can’t really explain it, but all I want to say is: wear something that lights up your heart. Women are always the most glamorous when they are happy. Have a good week everyone! :-D