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The Jypsiere

Becoming a mom changed me in many positive ways. It opened my eyes, made me stronger and the most important thing: grateful for what I have.

As far as style is concerned, I definitely wear more flats than heels since my baby was born. ;-) Now he is almost 13 months old, happy and has ENDLESS energy. With such an active little guy around me everyday, I strongly feel the need of a bag that can free my hands. So I was more than thrilled and satisfied when I found a big orange box sitting on our front door mat! Introducing the Hermès Jysiere 28 in my favorite neural etoupe.

Thank you for visiting and reading my bag story. <3

Carré Rings

Today I’d like to post some of my scarf rings. My personal favorite are the Mors, the Cosmos and the Médor (not pictured here). Do you use scarf ring while wearing your scarf? Would you like to share your favorite and how do you like to use it?

Carré Story – Tendresse Féline

Being a lover of Robert Dallet’s design, I have my eyes set on the Tendresse Féline from the very beginning. After trying on different CWs in store, now I finally took the one that I love most.
What is your favorite Carré from the SS season?

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Swinging Silk

Just as I talked about the “me” time in one of my previous posts, I got an invitation to a jazz night the other day. Since having a baby doesn’t mean giving up all the things I enjoy, both DH and I think I should go.

Hopefully it will be a lovely escape from the overwhelming parenthood. ;-P And it’s nice to be able to dress up a little, again. lol~~

BTW, the dress code for ladies is to wear a Carré. I am going to take the Swinging Saint Germain with me, coz nothing from my little scarf collection is more suitable. ;-)

Red + White

I came across these old Hermès campaigns the other day and would love to share. Coz no matter how dated the campaigns were, Hermès never fails to please. :-)

Picture Credit: Hermès Spring/Summer 2001, by Martin Margiela

Lost… and Found

I was out and about in the city yesterday, wearing one of my favorite scarves: Pointu Tigre Royal. When I back home, I realized that one of the little orange tassels on one side of the scarf was missing!
It sucks when you lose something that you adore, but it sucks even more when you know that you are not able to buy a substitute. Ahh…. In order to console myself, I went out again and treated myself a cup of caramel macchiato and a huge piece of Frankfurter Kranz. ;-) While I was enjoying the drink and cake, I couldn’t help thinking about the missing tassel. Where and how could I lose it without even noticed?! In the end, it bothers me so badly so that I decided to trace my shopping route back. Coz this is probably my last chance to get it back. If I couldn’t find it, it’s fine. At least I’ve tried thus I have nothing to regret, but what if I had the luck and…?

So I went back to the city and revisited the stores I’ve been to. Just as I am about to give up, there it was! Lying on the ground in a shop where I got some clothes for my baby. Can you imagine how thrilled I was? Well, I know it sounds stupid to be so happy about such a little material thing, but you can understand how I felt, right? ;-)

When I told my hubby about the story later, he joked that our baby is my luck bringer. Since I found the missing part in that baby shop. Well, I hope so too. As my due day is coming closer and closer, all I need is luck! ^_* Thank you for reading such a lengthy post and now please enjoy miss Pointu Tigre Royal in her full glory~~

When Leopard meets Lizard

Happy monday everyone! Today is a new start for me coz I am officially on my maternity leave! :D It’s time to post something special to celebrate, huhu~~

I have always been a fan of leopard prints, but never liked the exotic leather as python or lizard, especially in my early twenties. Now years later, I begin to appreciate the natural beauty of these special leathers. The texture and print of the exotics can be so unique and gorgeous when done tastefully. They can easily spice up a sleek outfit, add character and personality to the one who wears them. So, may I share two of my recent wild finds:

- Ombré lizard Kelly Dog cuff
- Suede and leopard-print calf hair pumps

Thank you for dropping by and have a wonderful week ahead!

The Story of my old and new Wallets

I rotate my bags on a regular basis depending on outfits, but I never feel the need to have more than one wallet. This little wine red one from Furla was a souvenir from a trip to Milan about six years ago, it has been my trustful everyday companion ever since. I haven’t thought of buying a new one coz it still looks great and it serves its duty, besides, I adore the patina it has developed over the years.

Until one day last December, while I was visiting my OB and trying to hand over my health insurance card, it took me a while to find the right card coz my little Furla has only 4 card slots, which means I have to pack a few cards in one single slot. To be honest, this didn’t bother me at all and I am still happy and content with my little wallet.

My hubby on the other hand, who stood besides me back then surely has thought about something different. Since on Christmas eve, among all wonderful and thoughtful gifts I’ve received, I found this most surprising one inside an orange box: an Hermès Dogon wallet. This is the new version of the Dogon style, it has a coin pocket with zipper on the back and there are 8 card slots inside, more than enough compared with her little sister Furla.

I always think that the most valuable gift has nothing to do with its price, it’s the story behinds that makes a meaningless material item unforgettable, personal and special. I am sure I’ll enjoy and cherish the new wallet in many many years to come… BTW, another sweet gift I’ve got is this best mama card, which I’ve already put inside my Dogon, as a reminder how beautiful life with a baby can be and of course trying not to let my two men down. ;-)

Thank you for reading the story of my wallets. Would you mind sharing one of your most surprising gifts?

New Hermessence: Santal Massoïa

A dear friend of mine is a passionate perfume expert, she informed me a while ago that a new member of the Hermessence collection will be released in November. I was very interested because I’ve always liked the smell of santal. Last week, I finally got a chance to try this new scent in store and, I am totally in love. Besides the poetic scent of santal, it also contains a hint of coconut, which is one of my favorite fruit flavors. :-D

“Santal Massoïa is a refined fragrance of Massoïa wood resin from New Guinea (which reminds of the coconut scent, underlined with peach and butterscotch), sandalwood, sweets made of milk and dried fruits”.

Picture Credit:

Miss Lindy

For the upcoming cold winter days, nothing is more energetic for me than a little piece of “fortune cookie” in bleu électrique. :-) Hope this picture will cheer you up too, have a fabulous weekend!