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S/S Inspiration: Pops of Green…

For those of you who adore green this summer. <3

Picture Credit: Royal College of Art graduate fashion show 2012

Spring Outfit (6): Pastel Shade | Geometric Print

Hello everyone! Sorry for the lack of updates, my life has been busy and hectic lately. A baby changes everything. Ok, not everything but a hell lot of! lol~~

Being a full time mom at the moment, I enjoy every minute with my little one. But after almost two months, I feel the need of having some “me” time, going to the gym, meeting girl friends (this is the outfit I was wearing btw), visiting my hair dresser etc… These activities recharge me and make me happy. Coz I believe, a happy mom raises a happy baby. :-)

Thank you for visiting and have a pleasant rest of week!
Sweater: COS, skirt: Marni, necklace: H&M, shoes: Maison Martin Margiela.

Spring Outfit (5): Red Crush

Some of my wardrobe oldies meet up for a day of joy. Have a wonderful weekend!
Sweater top: Forte_Forte, shorts: Zara, scarf, scarf ring & bag: Hermès, necklace: DIY, shoes: Santoni.

Spring Outfit (4): A Breath of fresh Air

It has been one week since I gave birth to our little guy. Life with a baby is exciting but a huge adjustment. We are trying to manage the chores and chaos with ease, patience and humor, it was tough at the beginning but is now getting better and better.

The most important thing is the little one is healthy and happy (he smiles a lot so I take it as a sign of satisfaction, lol). The good news for me is that I’ve lost 6kg so far, which is the half of what I’ve gained. So I am able to wear some pre-preggy skirts already. ;-)

Thank you for visiting and happy weekend!
Sweater & skirt: COS, necklace: H&M, bracelets: Hermès, flats: Salvatore Ferragamo.

Spring Outfit (3): Cozy is the Keyword

This is probably my last preggy outfit post coz my due day is in 7 days! Yeah, only one week to go, we are getting really excited now~~ ;-D

Enjoy the beautiful Springtime! Stay happy, healthy and chic!
Cardi: Robbi & Nikki, dress: H&M, shawl: Hermès (thanks to my dear friend CCC who helped me get this treasure), bracelets: COS, brooch: Marni, flats: Geox.

Spring Outfit (2): Child at Heart

Having a belly that now measures 97cm, I am not able to wear this beloved shorts at the moment. But hopefully soon~~~ LOL ;-)Cardi: Twenty8Twelve, Tee & shorts: H&M, necklace: COS, shoes: Maison Martin Margiela.

Marni @ H&M: Review

So today is the day! Here are the loot for me and for my friend. ^_* I think this is a quite nice collaboration, pieces are made with Marni’s attitude and the quality & craftsmanship are totally fine, especially considering the price tag.

- Tees are made of 100% thick cotton which are not transparent. I believe they’ll survive many times of washes.
- Silk tops and dresses are soft, airy and lightweight.
- Accessories are cheap in price but don’t look cheap.
- my personal favorite are these fabulous polka dots clothing, love them to bits.

I hope you’ve got everything on your wish list and you are pleased. Happy international women’s day! ;-D

Spring Outfit (1): Girl’s Afternoon Out

Something casual and easy for an afternoon tea with a friend. Happy weekend to all! ^_^

Wool jumper, collar & necklace: COS, sweater dress: H&M, shoes: Converse, bag & twilly: Hermès.

Winter Outfit (7): Ready to welcome Spring!

Today is a mild sunny day with 10°C, it is the perfect weather for going out and it does feel a little bit like Spring. I think I need to get some new fresh flowers. :-) Wish you all a lovely Thursday!
Knit jumper & necklace: COS, skirt: Balenciaga, gloves: Gebeana, booties: Céline.

My Favorite Things in February

- Spring tulips in violet.
- My bad weather workhorse bag.
- Warm wool gloves with cozy fake fur.
- Darling baby socks.^^

Thank you for visiting and have a pleasant week ahead!