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Goodbye Sandals

Would you wear socks with sandals in autumn/winter? It is nothing new in fashion, but I think it’s kinda weird. I’d rather let them have a long sleep till next summer, especially when it is so cold outside. ;-)

And the magic of black blazer continues, dressy…

or causal… ^_^

The September Issue

Anyone who loves fashion would probably be interested in seeing this movie. The September Issue is actually a documentary detailing American Vogue’s editor-in-chief Anna Wintour’s preparations for fall 2007 issue. It is a movie attempts to humanize Anna Wintour, who is rumored to be “The Devil Wears Prada”. But the real star of the movie is not Wintour. It’s the American Vogue’s legendary creative director, Grace Coddington. A former model-turned-stylist who joined Vogue at the same time with Wintour. Coddington’s story is far more interesting than the Wintour one, her genius and eye for creative art are as impressive as her down-to-earth personality.

All in all, the September Issue did give some insight into the fashion world, but everybody knows how superficial and unreal this world is. ;-) However, I still enjoyed watching this movie. All the eye candies, the fast-paced shots, the fresh soundtracks and the love-hate professional relationship of two women are juicy enough.

Playing with Colors (2)

I never mixed red and green before, because if you don’t pick up the right things, this combination can be very trashy. ;) But I’ve always wanted to have a try, so today I played with these two colors with something from my wardrobe. I couldn’t create a full outfit since I’d rather complete the upper part with a pair of gray wool shorts and some kind of red suede platform pumps.

I am still searching for the right shorts and red suede pumps, if you happen to see something nice, please let me know.*_^ Wish you all a wonderful weekend!

Old Pearl’s new Life

One of the biggest trends of fall 2009 jewelry is statement necklaces. From giant metal flowers to big rocks and gemstones, bold and chunky multi-chains are everywhere. I like the idea of statement necklaces, they’re the type of pieces that will transform a simple outfit into something glamorous. However, I’ll never wear these huge oversized necklaces (I mean the real HUGE ones). They spice up looks on the runway, but are not for everyday life. At least not for me. ;)

What I really love are pearls, pearls not in a simple single strand, but mixed with chains and ribbons. That kind of old world charm with a modern flair is so beautiful. Inspired by a friend, I DIYed an old pearl necklace to something new.

Style Inspiration – Giovanna Battaglia

The former model turned stylist has a great sense of style and really knows how to update a classic outfit with a modern twist. She is Italian but to me she embodies French style perfectly. I like her looks, they are always feminine, but never in a boring way.

I just came across this interview with Giovanna while looking for some pictures. She seems like a very smart woman (really love that STYLE CREDO and FALL TRENDS I DON’T LIKE part). I am surprised how frank and straightforward she is. Well, another reason to adore Gia. :)

Picture Credit: Vogue Paris

STYLE CREDO: I’m classic. I’m not a rock ’n’ roll chick. And I like to mix old and new. I’ll never wear a full look from a fashion show. It has to be personalized. Accessories have always been a big thing for me. I have 352 pairs of shoes. I’m not kidding. I have a wall filled with them, and then another for handbags. I never throw anything away.

FAVORITE RECENT PURCHASES: Three bathing suits from Norma Kamali — the ’50s “Dolce Vita” style. I got it in black-and-white, red and white. I photograph them all the time, but I never owned one.

FALL TRENDS I LIKE: The ladylike, sexy Parisian woman. Like the Balenciaga look. I’m more into sensual, simple clothes now. Lots of silk and cashmere — stuff that makes you feel good. I love fashion and fun, but at the end of the day, the dress has to please you and your boyfriend.

FALL TRENDS I DON’T LIKE: Crazy ’80s style. I shouldn’t say that because it’s a big trend, but who’s going to wear a shoulder like that? It’s fine for a picture, but I don’t like when a woman dresses too much like a fashion show. She looks like a clown, I think.

ON MY WISH LIST: A Lanvin stole and a leather Alaïa skirt. Alaïa dresses are the best investment. You buy a sexy Alaïa dress, and you’re sure you won’t be alone.

Interview from The New York Times

Coco avant Chanel

I actually wanted to watch this movie with a girl friend, because I thought it is some kind of women’s film no men would be interested. ;) Unfortunately we couldn’t coordinate a night out. So my hubby surprised me yesterday with two movie tickets.
Based on the book by Edmonde Charles-Roux and directed by Anne Fontaine, Coco Before Chanel is a biographical tale of Gabrielle “Coco” Chanel before she founded the fashion empire and became a style icon. Unlike these Hollywood blockbusters, Coco Before Chanel is a breath of fresh air, a beautifully made decent film with a soaring performance from Audrey Tautou. It’s not a movie about the glamorous fashion world, but what a person Coco was and how radical and wild she was. Her controversial personality is the key to understand why she made the evolutionary impact on women’s fashion later.

Coco awant Chanel was a feast for the eyes and definitive not a movie just for women, although 95% of the audience were women, lol. :)

Style Inspiration – Sofia Coppola

I had a girls’ day out with a friend yesterday and we were talking about style. She asked me about my style icon. Well, it was hard for me to answer the question because I’ve never had one. The person who has influenced me the most is my mom, in a way that she always knows what she wants and never really gives a damn about what other people think.

Talking about style in general, I admire the French style. French women are so good at wearing classics but twisted to give a respectful nod to the trend of the day. However they almost never look like fashion victims or slavish follower of fashion magazines. It’s all about the individual, the person, not the clothing itself.

Picture Credit: Andrew Durham for The New York Times

Sofia Coppola is not French but I found her style very French chic. The effortless hair cut, minimal make-up and ballerina flats…Just like one of these beautiful women in left bank who don’t stuff their sexuality down your throat, so refreshing and yet so stylish.

Sensuality is a way of life and fashion.

Fashion Essential – Black Blazer

Every girl might have some her very own fashion must haves. Well, I am not referring these trendy pieces which come and go, but some trendless essentials you are gonna love and wear forever. For me, black blazer is definite one of them.

I love to collect classic black blazers which have a modern twist. Just like this one, its clean cuts and abstract tailoring remind me of these gorgeous pieces from Jil Sander. Pure, understated, my cup of tea!

And the best part is, black blazers can be always dressed up and down. Elegant……

……or casual, your choice! :)