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Dianthuses & Cherry Blossom Branches

Can you feel the heartbeat of Spring? ;-) Have a great new week!

Marni @ H&M: Review

So today is the day! Here are the loot for me and for my friend. ^_* I think this is a quite nice collaboration, pieces are made with Marni’s attitude and the quality & craftsmanship are totally fine, especially considering the price tag.

- Tees are made of 100% thick cotton which are not transparent. I believe they’ll survive many times of washes.
- Silk tops and dresses are soft, airy and lightweight.
- Accessories are cheap in price but don’t look cheap.
- my personal favorite are these fabulous polka dots clothing, love them to bits.

I hope you’ve got everything on your wish list and you are pleased. Happy international women’s day! ;-D

My Favorite Things in February

- Spring tulips in violet.
- My bad weather workhorse bag.
- Warm wool gloves with cozy fake fur.
- Darling baby socks.^^

Thank you for visiting and have a pleasant week ahead!

Winter Outfit (6): Big Belly Shoot

Hmm… this is not really a winter outfit, but something I’ve picked up for a big belly photoshoot. The scarf will be worn as a bandeau BTW. ;-)
Skirt: Zara, pumps: Dolce & Gabbana, the rest: Hermès.

Marni at H&M

Every year, H&M’s collaboration with one of the industry’s top designers has always turned out to be a huge fashion event, but to be honest, I wasn’t really interested in any of the previous collections. The only two pieces I’ve bought over the years are a wool vest from the Sonia Rykiel collaboration and a silk dress which I happened to find on sale from the Matthew Williamson’s design. I once joked to a friend, if only they’d do a line with Marni, I’ll be there in the queue. ;-) Well, the time is coming. lol~~

The collection Mrs. Castiglioni designed for H&M is very true to Marni’s spirit. The accessories, the Tees and these gorgeous polka-dots coat & skirt are without doubt signature Marni looks. I hope these clothes are made with decent materials, so that it will be worth to get up a bit early on the 8th, March. ;-D

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Pink Ladies

It is still frozen cold. However, according to the lunar calendar, spring has already started since last Saturday. It doesn’t feel like spring outside, but thanks to these pink ladies, I do feel the smell of spring at home. :-)

When Leopard meets Lizard

Happy monday everyone! Today is a new start for me coz I am officially on my maternity leave! :D It’s time to post something special to celebrate, huhu~~

I have always been a fan of leopard prints, but never liked the exotic leather as python or lizard, especially in my early twenties. Now years later, I begin to appreciate the natural beauty of these special leathers. The texture and print of the exotics can be so unique and gorgeous when done tastefully. They can easily spice up a sleek outfit, add character and personality to the one who wears them. So, may I share two of my recent wild finds:

- Ombré lizard Kelly Dog cuff
- Suede and leopard-print calf hair pumps

Thank you for dropping by and have a wonderful week ahead!

Rise of the Planet of the Apes

When it comes to film genres, I have to admit that science fiction is not on top of my favorite. My hubby on the contrary, is a big fan (I guess it is human nature for them to like these kind of stuff, no? lol~~) So when he suggested the Rise of the Planet of the Apes. I was like, hmm… but he persuaded me and even assured me that I’m gonna like it. Given that he knows me too well, I decided to give it a try.

Well, he’s right. What a great film!

It turned out that the Rise of the Planet of the Apes is not a simple science fiction film just loaded with CGI/Special Effects, but a very powerful and emotionally driven one. The action scenes are simply spectacular, and most importantly, the story at the movie’s core is very engaging.

I am not going to reveal any spoilers here, but even if you’ve never seen a Planet of the Apes film or you aren’t a fan of the whole series, this film is still a worth see if you want something decent yet interesting. My hubby said the 1968 original science fiction classic is even better. Okay, that one is now on my must see list. ;-) What’s your recent favorite movie?

My Favorite Things in January

- Four-leaf clover.
- Neon yellow elastic waist band.
- Leather/wool two-tone long gloves.
- Dress with Van Goghish abstract print.

We finally have some sunny weather to cheer about, hope this picture will brighten up your day too. Happy weekend my friends! :-)

The Story of my old and new Wallets

I rotate my bags on a regular basis depending on outfits, but I never feel the need to have more than one wallet. This little wine red one from Furla was a souvenir from a trip to Milan about six years ago, it has been my trustful everyday companion ever since. I haven’t thought of buying a new one coz it still looks great and it serves its duty, besides, I adore the patina it has developed over the years.

Until one day last December, while I was visiting my OB and trying to hand over my health insurance card, it took me a while to find the right card coz my little Furla has only 4 card slots, which means I have to pack a few cards in one single slot. To be honest, this didn’t bother me at all and I am still happy and content with my little wallet.

My hubby on the other hand, who stood besides me back then surely has thought about something different. Since on Christmas eve, among all wonderful and thoughtful gifts I’ve received, I found this most surprising one inside an orange box: an Hermès Dogon wallet. This is the new version of the Dogon style, it has a coin pocket with zipper on the back and there are 8 card slots inside, more than enough compared with her little sister Furla.

I always think that the most valuable gift has nothing to do with its price, it’s the story behinds that makes a meaningless material item unforgettable, personal and special. I am sure I’ll enjoy and cherish the new wallet in many many years to come… BTW, another sweet gift I’ve got is this best mama card, which I’ve already put inside my Dogon, as a reminder how beautiful life with a baby can be and of course trying not to let my two men down. ;-)

Thank you for reading the story of my wallets. Would you mind sharing one of your most surprising gifts?