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Hello 2012!

May your 2012 be filled with happiness and dreams.
May all your wishes come true.

Happy New Year! :-D

Happy Holidays!

Hello my dear friends, just want to wish you all a very:

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Winter Outfit (3): Festive Floral

It has been raining a lot lately, but compared with last winter, a temperature between 3°C to 6°C is still warm and pleasant for December. <3

My company is having its annual Christmas dinner this evening. Instead of a party dress, I opt for this easy outfit. It’s nothing special than my daily wear, but definitely something I feel very comfortable and happy in. I guess this is the most important thing for me now. :-) Snood: Massimo Rebecchi, wool coat & necklace: COS, sweater: Knott Galerie Vie, skirt: Marni.

Christmas Gift Idea

It’s the middle of December, have you done all your Christmas shopping? I recently discovered something lovely for a dear girl friend and would like to share. If you have friends/loved ones who adore flowers like my friend and me, a set of these knitted vases might make a wonderful gift. BTW, I got her the gray and white one, hope she’ll like them. :-)

If you are interested, please click here for more information. Happy shopping!

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Gone Baby Gone

Happy Monday everyone! How was your weekend? The weather was too dreadful for gift shopping or Christmas market strolling, so we went bowling with friends instead. It was fun but what pleased me even more was watching the movie afterwards: Gone Baby Gone.

Based on the book by Dennis Lehane, who is also the author of Mystic River (another my favorite), Gone Baby Gone tells a story of a missing child and the two private detectives who was hired to find her.

I’ve been always fond of movies that would deal with a complex and interesting plot than those unrealistic blockbusters, the beauty of Gone Baby Gone lies in a series of solid and unexpected twists but also forces moral questions onto you that have no easy right or wrong answers. It has many tense moments and the story is fascinating in that it makes you think about life’s choices.

Ben Affleck has done a great job in his directorial debut. Amy Ryan was brilliant in her role as an alcoholic, drug taking mother. Overall, Gone Baby Gone is a well done crime drama with a captivating story.

Happy 1st Advent

Today is the first Advent Sunday, which means the official start of the Christmas season! huhu~~~ It’s also time to light the first candle. I made one advent wreath for the dining table.
And one for our coffee table. I still need to prepare a few other decorations, but already feel the holiday spirit in the air. :-D Wish you a wonderful first Advent and a great start in the week!

Fall Outfit (7): Blue Blues

Happy Black Friday everyone! Even though we don’t celebrate Thanksgiving in Europe, there are plenty of shops that offer a discount on selected goods on black Friday. Well, I don’t want to rush to the shops for major Christmas shopping today, but will go to candle & flower stores with a friend (for the first Advent Sunday)!

Now back to topic, may I share my casual shopping outfit? ;-) Wish you all a wonderful weekend!
Sweater dress: COS, scarf, bag & gloves: Hermès, flats: Santoni.

New Hermessence: Santal Massoïa

A dear friend of mine is a passionate perfume expert, she informed me a while ago that a new member of the Hermessence collection will be released in November. I was very interested because I’ve always liked the smell of santal. Last week, I finally got a chance to try this new scent in store and, I am totally in love. Besides the poetic scent of santal, it also contains a hint of coconut, which is one of my favorite fruit flavors. :-D

“Santal Massoïa is a refined fragrance of Massoïa wood resin from New Guinea (which reminds of the coconut scent, underlined with peach and butterscotch), sandalwood, sweets made of milk and dried fruits”.

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Style Inspiration: Being a stylish Mom-to-Be

As some of my close friends already knew, there has been a little change in my life, which gradually affects the way I dress. However, as long as style is concerned, I still want to be true to myself in this special period of time. The only difference is I’ve been wearing more comfy clothes than tight tailored ones lately. lol~~

Well, this post is actually about a young Russian lady: Natasha Goldenberg, who has a fantastic maternity style. I adore her take on vibrant colors and cozy knits, also love how happy & confident she appears. I think that’s the most important thing during a pregnancy besides eating right & working out. ;-D

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Miss Lindy

For the upcoming cold winter days, nothing is more energetic for me than a little piece of “fortune cookie” in bleu électrique. :-) Hope this picture will cheer you up too, have a fabulous weekend!