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Pearls with Ribbon

I had a short trip to Munich three days ago. In order to make my train ride less boring, I took some glass pearls and ribbons with me and DIYed a new necklace (the bling bling part came from an old bracelet, how I wish I had more of these pretty little things). If you love the mix of pearls and ribbon but hate the price tag at Lanvin, why not just start DIYing now. :-D

We’ll fly to Paris next week, I hope to share with you some beautiful winter pictures of the city of light next time!

Did I say…

…that I love the idea of statement jewelery? :-) Like scarves, they are that kind of accessories which will tie up every look with personality. I played with two old necklaces again and wrapped them with a new red suede rope. And viola, here comes my very own statement necklace, hehe~~

This one is something I found at H&M the other day. For less than 3 Euro, I am amazed how well it is made and how bold and beautiful it is. Can be used as a scarf ring too, just fabulous! ^_*

Old Pearl’s new Life

One of the biggest trends of fall 2009 jewelry is statement necklaces. From giant metal flowers to big rocks and gemstones, bold and chunky multi-chains are everywhere. I like the idea of statement necklaces, they’re the type of pieces that will transform a simple outfit into something glamorous. However, I’ll never wear these huge oversized necklaces (I mean the real HUGE ones). They spice up looks on the runway, but are not for everyday life. At least not for me. ;)

What I really love are pearls, pearls not in a simple single strand, but mixed with chains and ribbons. That kind of old world charm with a modern flair is so beautiful. Inspired by a friend, I DIYed an old pearl necklace to something new.