Carré Story – Cent Plis des Miao

I’ve heard months ago that there will be quite a few China related designs in the Fall/Winter Carré collection, so I was very curious how they will look like:

  1. The Rhythm of China
  2. Sichuan
  3. Cent Plis des Miao

Now after seeing and trying these new season Carrés in store, I made my choice. The Rhythm of China was designed by the Chinese painter Ding Yi. The idea is to symbolize the soul of modern China by using countless little colored stars. Unfortunately it is not my cup of tea at all. Sorry, Mr. Ding. ;-)

Sichuan is an old design from R. Dallet, it features the wild animals from this very province in China. It’s a beautiful design but the color combinations of the reissued ones are just not for me.

The last one is Cent Plis des Miao, I wasn’t aware of this design until a friend wrote to me about it (a BIG thank you, my dear :-D ). At first I was surprised that Hermès issued a scarf based on the traditional pleated skirts from Miao, which is a minority folk from southwest China’s Guizhou province. This is really something special for me coz I’ve lived in Guizhou for many years and still have friends there. The design itself is simply stunning, I love the way the skirt is presented, the dedicate embroidery details at each corner and the vibrant color mix…

Picture Credit:

Wearing this Carré will surely bring back my memories in Guizhou… I’ll post a Carré outfit next time~~ Happy weekend everyone! :-)


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  2. jibjab
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    Sensational design of Miao skirts! Something that could be kept close to heart :)

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    jibjab, <3

  4. Elysium
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    I have seen the skirt at Musée du Quai Branly which was referred to in the official description, it’s very nice to see the original inspiration of this carre:

  5. Elysium
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    I think my last comment went to the spam folder again.

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    Elysium, I just rescued your comment, again haha! :-D

    Thanks a lot for sharing the picture! The 3D version of the real Miao skirt is just too STUNNING to be true! You picture is gorgy too!

    Now you made me want a Miao skirt so badly. HAVE TO get myself one when we are in China next time. Do you need one too? lol~~

  7. Elysium
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    You don’t even need to ask, just tell me when you are going :D.

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    Elysium: haha, I see I see. :-D Will let you know for sure, my dear!

  9. Elysium
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    Thank you sweetheart :D.

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    泥M, 这个设计的灵感源泉就是嫩说的那些苗家姑娘和她们的美丽群子哈~~

  12. Mimosa
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    I found myself nodding my noggin all the way thgrhou.

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