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Still in the mood for violet…

Happy Weekend! :D

Summer Outfit (1): Violet Starry Night

Happy Monday everyone! First I’d like to say thank you to those who still visit my blog on a regular basis although I’ve been posting less lately. I really appreciate your time and support. <3

You may wonder why I haven’t posted a single summer outfit yet. Well, neither am I on a hiatus nor do I forget about the time, it is almost August! lol~~ The simple but depressing fact is that the weather in my part of the world has been terrible, it doesn’t feel like summer at all. But thank God it will be better this week, hence my belated first summer 2012 outfit post. ;-)

Dress: Marni, necklace: COS, belt: Hermès, shoes: Red Valentino.


The title 一枝独秀 came into my mind while I was taking this picture. It literally means something like: one branch of the tree stands out from the rest and shines. Well, the Chinese idiom is far more beautiful and poetic than my awkward translation. ;-)

Have a wonderful new week!

Carré Rings

Today I’d like to post some of my scarf rings. My personal favorite are the Mors, the Cosmos and the Médor (not pictured here). Do you use scarf ring while wearing your scarf? Would you like to share your favorite and how do you like to use it?