Monthly Archives: February 2012

Winter Outfit (7): Ready to welcome Spring!

Today is a mild sunny day with 10°C, it is the perfect weather for going out and it does feel a little bit like Spring. I think I need to get some new fresh flowers. :-) Wish you all a lovely Thursday!
Knit jumper & necklace: COS, skirt: Balenciaga, gloves: Gebeana, booties: Céline.

My Favorite Things in February

- Spring tulips in violet.
- My bad weather workhorse bag.
- Warm wool gloves with cozy fake fur.
- Darling baby socks.^^

Thank you for visiting and have a pleasant week ahead!

Winter Outfit (6): Big Belly Shoot

Hmm… this is not really a winter outfit, but something I’ve picked up for a big belly photoshoot. The scarf will be worn as a bandeau BTW. ;-)
Skirt: Zara, pumps: Dolce & Gabbana, the rest: Hermès.

Marni at H&M

Every year, H&M’s collaboration with one of the industry’s top designers has always turned out to be a huge fashion event, but to be honest, I wasn’t really interested in any of the previous collections. The only two pieces I’ve bought over the years are a wool vest from the Sonia Rykiel collaboration and a silk dress which I happened to find on sale from the Matthew Williamson’s design. I once joked to a friend, if only they’d do a line with Marni, I’ll be there in the queue. ;-) Well, the time is coming. lol~~

The collection Mrs. Castiglioni designed for H&M is very true to Marni’s spirit. The accessories, the Tees and these gorgeous polka-dots coat & skirt are without doubt signature Marni looks. I hope these clothes are made with decent materials, so that it will be worth to get up a bit early on the 8th, March. ;-D

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Pink Ladies

It is still frozen cold. However, according to the lunar calendar, spring has already started since last Saturday. It doesn’t feel like spring outside, but thanks to these pink ladies, I do feel the smell of spring at home. :-)

Winter Outfit (5): Warm Wrapped Up

A warm and cozy outfit I am wearing today for meeting a lovely friend, who just gave birth to a baby girl couple of months ago. Time to get some first-hand tips on being a new mom. ;-) Have a beautiful Thursday!
Cardigan: Pringle, necklace: Miu Miu, sweater: COS, skirt: H&M, booties: Zara, gloves: Roeckl.