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Building the perfect Wardrobe

At the beginning of this year, I made a style resolution (click here) in order to get myself more disciplined about buying new clothes. Now it has been more than 6 months, time to review. ;-)

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Well, writing down a resolution really helps. I’ve definitely become more selective and less impulsive about my purchases. So far none of them is an impulsive buy and all of them can be easily integrated into my existing wardrobe.

I guess there are no universal rules about how to build a perfect wardrobe as everyone’s tastes and needs are different. What works for me is the idea of wardrobe favorites. i.e. when I am about to buy something, I always ask myself whether I’ll love and cherish it forever. In this way, I said good bye to a red crochet sweater which is too trendy, I put down a skirt I probably won’t like next year and I returned a LBD which is not perfect but on sale…

If you are into fashion and like the fun of seasonal change, this is not gonna work. However, if you are more interested in developing your personal style and you prefer quality over quantity, give it a try. Think about a wardrobe full of treasures that give you pleasure season after season, how cool is that? lol~~

S/S Inspiration: Be consistent with your own Style

A friend of mine asked me recently why I haven’t posted the “trends I love” series as I did last year. Hmm…the reason is because the older I get, the less I care about trends. I’ve gained more enjoyment & satisfaction from buying/wearing what is true to myself, so I just lost interest in trends.

There are a few fashion designers I truly admire, Consuelo Castiglioni and Dries van Noten are two of them. Their collections always tend to march to their own beat, season in and season out. They are not the trend setters, they’ll never be trend followers, they don’t even advertise, they are just doing what they love and are best at.

While Mr. Van Noten is known for his take on distinctive ethnic prints and mixing of conflicting patterns finished with a streamlined tailoring. Ms. Castiglioni of Marni evolved the label’s aesthetic with its quirky, individualistic vibe. Her line embraced a strong artful charm through her playful use of bold colors, statement prints and vintage-like silhouettes.

Browsing through the collections of Ms. Castiglioni, I can always find that piece of Marni attitude which is truly inspiring…

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El Aura

“Mr. Bielinsky made use of a familiar film noir vocabulary, but not for the usual young-filmmaker-in-a-hurry purpose of showing off his facility with genre tricks. Rather, his movies restore some of the clammy, anxious atmosphere that made the old noirs so powerful to begin with…”

- A.O. Scott for The New York Times

I am not a film critic so I can never write such an insightful review. However, I have to admit that among the few movies I’ve watched recently, El Aura (aka. The Aura) is my absolutely favorite.

It’s a weird tale about a quiet taxidermist, who suffers epilepsy attacks, plans the crime of his life that he has been waiting for… While my hubby complains about the relative slow pace of the film, I, on the contrary, found it brilliant and really enjoyed it (you see, I am writing this post to see if any of you is on my side, lol).

Unlike those Hollywood blockbusters that deliver nothing but CGI effects and cheap stories, this Argentinian production draws you back to the essential beauty of a great film: the captivating plot, the real atmosphere, the amazing camera work and the outstanding performance. If you haven’t seen it and you are fond of crime & drama, the is one movie that will keep you on the edge throughout. ;-)

Summer Outfit (4): Joyride

Hello everyone, it’s Friday! To make the pre-weekend time more fun, I’d like to post another fashion challenge outfit, which is also the last challenge to complete, finally (whistling, huhu~~). A “going to see your favorite band for the first time outfit” requested by dear reader Jibjab.

I think the challenge is pretty awesome because I will indeed go to one of my fave bands live concert soon, and this will be my first time too! How did you know that, jibjab? Can you also tell me my fortune in 2012 please? lol~~ Ok, stop joking. Since it will be a Roxette show, I wanted to wear something that is casual, cheerful and cool! Just like the songs by the wonderful duo. :-P

BTW, recently I’ve got to know a few lovely gals who adore COS too, so this post is also for you (Titon, Danke nochmal und ein schönes Wochenende)! :-D Have a fabulous weekend everyone!

Top, Skirt: COS, sandals: Zara, necklace: Hermès twilly & scarf rings, braclets: Hermès, COS.

Carré Story – Monsieur et Madame

Happy Monday everyone! I hope you’ve had a wonderful weekend. To kick off a new week, I’d like to share one of my recent acquisitions: T-Shirt Carré Monsieur et Madame by Bali Barret.

What attracts me about this carré is not only the fun design (a gentleman and a lady with iconic Hermès products for man and woman painted inside their body), but also the fabric. Unlike the classic silk carré, this one is 100% made of cotton, which is butter soft and just perfect for hot summer days! Besides, I love how versatile it is. My SA joked that it is a “collector’s” piece because you can count the items in the carré to see how many you’ve already have in your own collection. lol~~ My dear H lovers, what do you think? ;-)

Summer Outfit (3): Black & White With…

a hint of color blocking. When I am not in a mood for bright colors, the simple beauty of black & white always pleases me. Hmm….wait a minute, I just realized that I did wear a little bit of bright in this outfit. Can you make a guess? ;-)
Shirt: Maje, skirt: Marios, necklace: DIY, sandals: Isabella Lorusso.