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Spring Outfit (2): Freshness & Fun

I seldom plan outfits in advance, because you rarely know what mood you are going to be in on a given day, right? But when I heard that we’ll have 21°C on Saturday, I just couldn’t help thinking about this one.

So hurry Saturday, please come quick! lol~~
Jacket: Balenciaga, tee: Luella, shorts: H&M, shoes: Marni.

Collection L’Heure Hermès

I adore the way Hermès do their ads & campaigns: the understated mood, the sense of freedom, the spark of creativity…

And on top of all: beautiful with a playful spirit. Have a wonderful new week!

Picture Credit: Koto Bolofo for Hermès

BTW, the photo with two hands up in the air is my absolute favorite. <3

Spring Outfit (1): A Pop of Color Block

A black wool coat keeps me warm in the morning, but it can’t hide my eagerness for Spring colors. ;-)

Coat: Zadig & Voltaire, shirt: COS, belt: Prada, skirt: Maliparmi, shoes: Kenzo.

My favorite Things in March

- Roses in fuchsia, dusty pink & bright yellow.
- Le Monde d’Hermès Printempts-Été 2011.
- The Gentlewoman Issue nº 3.
- A black sheer shirt with gorgeous embroidery collar & trim.

Spring is finally here. Have a great new week! :-D

S/S Inspiration: What’s White Now

I’ve been always fascinated by the magic of the white shirt, not because it is a cult fashion classic, but how a simple piece of white cloth could appear so unique, so powerful and so effortless chic.

I have couple of lovely pieces in my closet but for the coming Spring/Summer season, I’m hoping to find more interesting white shirts. Just can’t get enough of them. ;-)

Picture Credit: US Harper’s Bazaar

Carré Story – Nuées Imaginaires

For the Spring/Summer 2011 carré collection, I have my eyes set on three designs: Fleurs d’Indiennes, Brides de Gala en Finesse and Nuées Imaginaires.

Being a lover of flowers, it’s a shame that I don’t have a carré in this theme. ;-) So I was really curious when I first heard of the Fleurs d’Indiennes. The design is quite interesting, but unfortunately the pattern itself seems a little bit busy for my taste.

Brides de Gala en Finesse is a remake of the classic Brides de Gala (design by Hugo Grygkar in 1956). I adore the colors and the idea of making a negative of the classic design. I am also fond of the charming and dedicate lines of the new version. The only problem is that it doesn’t impress me that much when knotted. Since I am not that kind of gal who collects carrés for admiration, I have to wear and enjoy them on a daily basis, so this is not the right one for me.

“Fragile vessels of the imagination, clouds trace our dreams. The world of this carré originates in a shifting and lighthearted nebulousness. Flowers and leaves multiply, traced by a sure hand and guided by a childlike spirit. Sheltered by them in their meanderings, or proudly astride their woolly profiles, all sorts of incredible animals find refuge there. Four-footed birds, flying fish, winged goats, equine mermaids… From their breath surge fleecy little clouds who drink in their words, wide-eyed. These learn their future tasks from their mouths: to protect the earth from the sun, to create the rain which will irrigate the soil… or just to let themselves go, nudged by the wind.”

The story behind Nuées Imaginaires is fascinating. I love everything about this carré, the mood, the design, the contrast hem, the colorway (these pictures don’t do the justice, the color is so vivid in real life)… Most importantly, it looks gorgeous on person. I never thought of buying a black carré, but this one is just love at first encounter. Besides, it rounds out my little carré family perfectly. ;-D

What’s your favorite from SS11?

Picture Credit:

Spring Fling

I adore the smell of purple hyacinths, it perfumes the air so naturally…

Teaming them with tulips in tender baby pink. It is still frosty cold outside, but I do feel Spring in the air, at least at home. ;-P