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COS Spring/Summer 2011

It’s still cold outside but it’s never too early to start planning some Spring/Summer must haves, so I decided to start with my favorite brand: COS. At the first glance of their new season’s lookbook, I was very pleased to see all these neutral palettes, it seems to meet my needs quite well.

However, after viewing each look, only this gorgeous modern trench made my heart sing (you disappointed me, COS, but my wallet begins to love you, haha). I just can’t wait to try it on, if the fit is great and the material is nice, one of these beauties will have a happy new home.

Picture Credit: tooklookbook

BTW, don’t you agree that the styling of this look is…let’s say: tricky? I prefer the look without these socks. Trendy or not, I’d never go out wearing them this way. ;-P

Style Inspiration: Emmanuelle Alt

Since I am still in the mood for Paris, it’s the perfect time to pay tribute to one of the most stylish Parisian: Emmanuelle Alt. Known for her rock ’n’ roll style – big-shouldered jackets, skinny jeans and killer heels. Alt is the very definition of tough yet sophisticated chic.

Frankly, being a very ordinary and uncool gal, I can’t see myself pulling off something this edgy (I do can imagine how awkward I’ll look then, rofl). However, this doesn’t bother me to admire her sense of style, she found something works for her and make it her own signature.

Everybody wants to look as cool as her, but no one embodies edgy rock style with an attitude like her. So maybe the best advice from the new editor in chief of Vogue Paris is: get inspired but find you own style. ;-P We all know there is only one Emmanuelle Alt, but there is only one of you & me as well…

Picture Credit: elle, the sartorialist, monoxious

Style Resolutions for 2011

I am not really that kind of person who makes resolutions every year coz I know I’ll probably end up sticking to none of them. ;-P However, for 2011, I do like to write down some style resolutions that I want to keep. My goal is to build a perfectly balanced wardrobe filled with only my favorites, so the plan is to:

  1. Invest in classics.
  2. Understand needs vs. wants: to avoid impulse or regrettable buys.
  3. Focus on neutral staples: I need more neutrals to complement my already colorful wardrobe.
  4. Be true to myself: buy clothes that only march to my own beat, instead of being seduced by trends & sales.

Ok, I guess that’s pretty enough. 2011 has just started but I’ve already returned three of my impulse sale purchases. What I am keeping are things I truly love and need: two white shirts, a navy skirt and a stone gray trench coat. You see, making resolutions is a good thing. It worked even for me, at least for now. lol!

We are leaving for Paris next week, I’ll keep you posted whether my plan still works in the city of light. ;-) So until my next post, stay happy and chic!

Winter Outfit (3): Cheerful Monday

It’s finally getting warmer, the snow has been melting the past few days. Usually I don’t like this kind of weather because it is muddy, wet and dirty everywhere. But now it doesn’t bother me any more, thanks to my rainboots~~ ;-)

Have a great start of the week everyone!

Jacket & sweater: COS, shawl: Hermès, shorts: H&M, boots: Via Lactea.

Roman Holiday

The last time I was in Rome, like every visitor to the eternal city, I threw a coin into the Trevi Fountain to wish a return. This time we did the same thing, because Rome is:

The city of angle…

The city of glory and dream…

The city for believer…

The city of legend and myth…

The city for seeking the truth…

The city of history and heritage…

The city of art…

The city of endless sunshine…

And last but not least, the city of that magic fountain. Till next time…the one and only: ROMA!