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Holiday Gift Ideas

The holiday season is just around the corner, have you started buying gifts already? There is nothing on my wish list right now (is it a good thing or a bad thing? Bad for me but good for my hubby for sure. lol). Anyway, if you already have a long list, do share. As you see, I really need inspirations. ;-) Instead, I found a few little things that might be nice for family and friends.

- A cute cat. It is actually a purse hook from Alessi, looks fabulous and works like charm (click hier to have a look).
- A little bottle from the Hermessence collection is always good. I got my favourite scents from a wonderful friend last month: Rose Ikebana and Osmanthe Yunnan. I’d like to buy these two along with the Vétiver Tonka and the new Iris Ukiyoé to surprise others for Christmas.

Winter Outfit (1): November Snow

It’s snowing outside! I feel lucky to have listened to the weather forecast this morning and decided to wear something warm yet playful. :-)

Before going out, I also grabbed a shawl, threw on a vest plus a dark grey wool coat (not shown here). It’s Friday again, happy weekend everyone!

Shawl: Hermès, vest: H&M, boots: Via Lactea, the rest: COS.

I love H&M, I want flowers, but…

…no Lanvin+H&M for me. While I was taking a shower this morning, our local radio was reporting the Lanvin+H&M collection LIVE. It aroused my curiosity and I kinda like the idea of “colour wrist band”, because you don’t need to wait in line for a long time like it used to be. So I decided spontaneously to pay a visit since H&M is just 3 minutes away from my work place. So, I was there at about 8:20, got an orange wrist band (it means my shopping time is from 8:40 to 8:55). Then I went to my office first, drank a coffee, had my daily croissant and then headed back to H&M. Waited only about 2 minutes before I was in.

Well, if the following report makes you feel uncomfortable, please please don’t be mad at me. I know there are a lot of people who love this collection and I really don’t want to be rude. It is just my personal review.

This is no doubt a Lanvin collection, with lots of Alber’s signature designs. However, the quality of most garments sucks. The only thing I found lovely is a purple ruffle dress which is made of 100% silk, it feels good in hand too (I decided not to buy in the end because I am sure I can get something better made and more beautiful for €149). Plenty of things are made of unpleasant polyester which I don’t like. The shoes look cheap, and the accessories, the pearls are actually very nice, but I am not a fan of those big plastic flowers. BTW, the tees, I am just wondering if they’ll survive after one wash because of the delicate embellishments.

I guess I am the only person in this world who walked into a store with everything on the rack but came out empty handed (people outside in queue looked at me with that “are you from another planet” expression on their face. lol). It’s probably just me being way too picky. If you found something nice, ignore my post and enjoy! ;-)

Finally, A Pair of Rain Boots!

I have been searching for a perfect pair of rain boots for ages. Being picky in terms of shoes, it wasn’t an easy job. I wanted something logo-less and understated (so no Burberry for me); something lightweight and not that tough (so no Hunter, Loeffler Randall & co); something less flashy and less childish (so no colourful boots from Emilio Pucci, Missoni, Marc by MJ, etc); and most importantly, this pair of boots have to go well with my wardrobe and make me feel good even when it is pouring, lol~~

Can you imagine how my heart leaps when I came across this pair from Via Lactea?

To be honest, I’ve never heard of this brand before, but I just can’t be more happy with these boots. They are exactly what I’d wished for: understated chic with great craftsmanship.♥ For the first time of my life, I am hoping for a raining day. ;-P

Darling Roses

Every rose has its thorn, but looking from a different angle, I can hardly find one. ;-) Happy weekend!

Fall Outfit (4): Cozy Moments

What would you wear to brighten up the dull November weather? I prefer something comfortable and warm with a hint of orange…

Coat & belt: COS, dress: H&M, booties: Zara, the rest: Hermès.


I took this photo last Sunday while waiting for the breakfast, now another weekend is just ahead. Time flies by too fast, shouldn’t we cherish every single moment…

Wish you all a wonderful weekend! :-)

Carré Story – Beloved India

“Like an enormous illustration, the Carré Beloved India pays tribute to the artisans who paint the earthen walls of Indian homes. Giant cartoons, picture-book illustrations and childlike frescoes… This figurative, ornamental and very expressive painting style is characteristic of Indian folk art.”
When Beloved India was first issued in Fall 2008, it immediately caught my attention because of the gorgeous illustration draw by Philippe Dumas (Monsieur Dumas is the grandson of Emile Hermès and also an illustrator of children’s literature. Btw, Emile Hermès is the grandson of Thierry Hermès, the founder of the house). However, I didn’t buy any silk Carrés back then coz I couldn’t find a colorway that really sing to me. One season later, the same design has been reissued as cashmere and silk shawl. This time, there is ONE just made my heart beat faster: the absolutely stunning bleu dur/corail/bleu jean colorway.

I feel pleased every time when I wear this beauty, maybe because of the cheerful design, or maybe because it just makes my raining November days more cozy and enjoyable. I can’t really explain it, but all I want to say is: wear something that lights up your heart. Women are always the most glamorous when they are happy. Have a good week everyone! :-D

Fall Outfit (2): Scarlet Maple

Red made a big come back this Fall/Winter, a tone of designers revisited this classic hue. From Dolce & Gabbana to Givenchy, from Zac Posen to Yigal Azrouel, the passionate scarlet graced everyone.

Being a fan of color, I’ve always loved red, but I never liked the idea of wearing red from head-to-toe. It is just too loud for my taste. How about you? ;-)

Sweater: Brookshire, scarf: Hermès, skirt: COS, gloves: Röckl, shoes: Masion Martin Margiela.