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J’aime mon carré

For my fellow scarf lovers, Hermès just launched a website called (I love my scarf). It is a fun site which offers instructions on how to wear and knot your scarf.

Picture Credit: Hermès

Have fun browsing and getting inspired. :-)

Summer Outfit (7): Blue Breeze

Couple of days ago a friend mentioned one of my beloved old carres which holds a special place in my heart: Le Jeu des Petits Bonheurs. It is something special for me not only because I adore the design, as its name says: Play of Life’s Little Treasures, but also because it was my very first Hermès carre. ;-)

So I would like to share a carre outfit today (shirt & leather necklace: COS, shorts: Zara, shoes: Salvatore Ferragamo).

Summer Outfit (6): Feminine with a Hint of Heavy Industry

Inspired by the beautiful Gaia Repossi, I think I really should wear some beloved pieces from my wardrobe more often. This artistic skirt from Marni is one of them. I’d like to create an office outfit this time.

Pairing it with a navy silk top from COS, Hermès belt and patent degrade sandals by Gianni Meliani. BTW, the necklace is also from COS, I love the raw industrial feeling it offers. Together with the shoes, they changed the attitude of the whole outfit, making it less ladylike but more urban and fun. :-)

Summer Outfit (5): Orange in our Hearts

I so wish I could change the title of this post to something like “dress for success”, but unfortunately after 2 attempts in 1974 and 1978, the Dutch failed to collect the World Cup for the third time… Again. :-(

Many of my friends know that I started watching the World Cup games in 1994 and have been a supporter for the Italian team ever since. Thank God they won the champion in 2006, it was like a dream come true, so for me the long journey of being an Azzurri fan came to an end. This time I was hoping for an orange victory, because my best friend, who started watching the games together with me since 1994 is a big fan of the Netherlands. It could have all been so different for Van Marwijk’s oranje and it could have been such a wonderful summer for her…Sigh…

Maybe this is how life is, but never give up your hope! Happy weekend my friends (in a cheerful orange mood)!

Style Inspiration: Gaia Repossi

I mentioned in one of my previous posts a young jewelery designer who impressed me with her understated French chic style. Today I happen to come across the same set of picture I’ve seen on the Madame magazine, so I think I have to share them with you. :-)

Gaia Repossi, another Italian beauty with an impeccable sense of style.

I just love seeing pictures of her, she always looks classy and elegant. Nowadays not every young & rich has good taste like her, don’t you agree? ;-)

Picture Credit:

Summer Outfit (4): Lagoon & White

I actually wanted to try something more ethnic with this gorgeous Carré but end up with a simple white shirt and jeans shorts. A throw on ensemble is more comfy and maybe better for a hot summer day! ;-)

Carré Story – Cent Plis des Miao

I’ve heard months ago that there will be quite a few China related designs in the Fall/Winter Carré collection, so I was very curious how they will look like:

  1. The Rhythm of China
  2. Sichuan
  3. Cent Plis des Miao

Now after seeing and trying these new season Carrés in store, I made my choice. The Rhythm of China was designed by the Chinese painter Ding Yi. The idea is to symbolize the soul of modern China by using countless little colored stars. Unfortunately it is not my cup of tea at all. Sorry, Mr. Ding. ;-)

Sichuan is an old design from R. Dallet, it features the wild animals from this very province in China. It’s a beautiful design but the color combinations of the reissued ones are just not for me.

The last one is Cent Plis des Miao, I wasn’t aware of this design until a friend wrote to me about it (a BIG thank you, my dear :-D ). At first I was surprised that Hermès issued a scarf based on the traditional pleated skirts from Miao, which is a minority folk from southwest China’s Guizhou province. This is really something special for me coz I’ve lived in Guizhou for many years and still have friends there. The design itself is simply stunning, I love the way the skirt is presented, the dedicate embroidery details at each corner and the vibrant color mix…

Picture Credit:

Wearing this Carré will surely bring back my memories in Guizhou… I’ll post a Carré outfit next time~~ Happy weekend everyone! :-)

Le Chic Parisien

We were too lazy to take pictures while we were in Paris due to the hot weather, but I did notice how beautifully the Parisian dress themselves in Summer. Like their love for good food, fine wine, individual clothes form a part of their personality too.

Talk about fashion, what inspired me most during this trip is how the Parisian wear the old season’s iconic pieces, how they mix them with something new effortlessly. I’ve seen that gorgeous tie-dye dress from Prada’s SS04 collection, DVN’s fifties-derived floral top from SS08 and the A-line shaped white dress from Phoebe Philo’s Chloé time… It’s so delight to see people are still wearing and loving these old beauties.

On our way back home, I read an article from the Air France Madame magazine. It was an interview with a 21 years old jewelry designer from Paris, who’s wearing a 4 season’s old Chloé blazer (paired with a white tee from Alexander Wang, vintage Wrangler denim shorts and Chanel clogs). When was asked about her fashion rules she said something like: invest pieces you’ll cherish forever and let them become your wardrobe staples. Wear them every season with confidence, coz they’ll age gracefully together with you…