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Vienna: Good Old Waltz (Part I)

The capital of Austria has again been named by Mercer as the best city to live in the world. With the curiosity of how the city actually is, we made our 4 days trip to Vienna last week.

It’s hard to write a travelogue coz Vienna has so much to offer. From Stephen’s Cathedral to Schönbrunn Palace, from Danube River to the Giant Ferris Wheel, from the Imperial Palace to the Museum of Fine Arts, From the Belvedere to the Albertina… Hmm…where to start? Maybe I’d better let pictures tell the story this time.

Schönbrunn is the former summer residence of the imperial family and one of the most beautiful baroque palaces in Europe. It contains an enchanting park, a palm house, a labyrinth and even a zoo! At Schönbrunn, I couldn’t help think of the Summer Palace in Beijing. The architecture genre is totally different, but that lavish and luxurious life style is quite the same.

Vienna’s City Hall is a magnificent building in neo-Gothic style. It was designed by Friedrich von Schmidt, the architect of the Cathedral of Cologne.

The Stephansplatz is named after the city’s most prominent building, St. Stephen’s Cathedral, which is one of the tallest churches in the world.

The University of Vienna is one of my favorite spots during the trip. It was founded by Duke Rudolf IV in 1365 and is the oldest university within the German speaking area. What I love most is the university library. The old time interior is so beautiful and impressive. Unfortunately I don’t have a photo of the library to share, since it is very rude to disturb the students who were reading there. So you gotta go there by yourself, see and be amazed. ;-)

…to be continued

Spring Outfit (13): Studs and Stripes

This is probably my last spring outfit, it’s time to post something for Summer (although there is still no sign of Summer. It’s almost June, our weather here really sucks).

Well, back to topic. I love the combination of studs and stripes, they complement each other so playful. A little bit sporty, a little bit fun, plus a little bit of red bling to bright up my mood~~ Happy weekend! :-)

Style Inspiration: Catherine Baba

When I first saw a picture of Catherine Baba, I was like, wow! Does this woman come from another era? In the superficial fashion world where everyone dressed like everyone, she is one of the few who stands out from the crowd.

Picture Credit:

Being a stylist, Catherine definitely has her very own signature style. I love the fact that she really makes everything her own, the mix of bold colors, the rich fabrics, the feminine allure and last but not least, her admirable self-confidence!

Have a great weekend my friends, see you in a week~~

Picture Credit: Jak & Jil

Munich: Spring in the Air

We visited Munich last week, a city known for its culture, architecture and beer festival (Oktoberfest). Munich has all the sophistication of a big city but in the meantime its very own Bavarian charm.

To my surprise, what impressed me most are not the famous Nymphenburg Palace (Schloss Nymphenburg), the German Museum (Deutsches Museum), the State Court Brewery (Hofbräuhaus), the National Theatre (Nationaltheater)… but how quiet and green the city actually is.

It’s spring time, there is noting more beautiful than a stroll in a blossoming garden or park, bath the sunshine and feel the peace at heart. The Court Garden (Hofgarten), an Italian style Renaissance garden is located in the central of Munich. And within just a few minutes walk, you’ll reach another garden, the English Garden, a wonderful green oasis to explore and one of the world’s largest urban public parks (it is larger than the Central Park in NYC).

For these of you who want to experience or shop something special, Crooma Munich is a must see. This gallery/interior shop offers photographic art, lighting, furniture and accessories in a futuristic salesroom. Photographers represented include New York’s Tim Petersen, Paris’s Bruno Fabbris and London’s Zena Holloway. And the best thing is: you don’t have to own an art piece to feel pleased…

Picture Credit: Wallpaper

Spring Outfit (12): Travel in May

We have some vacations coming up, so it’s time to post a travel outfit again. I always wear something cozy on the plane. Pairing a super comfy jumpsuit with a causal cardigan and a pair of ballerina flats, plus a cashmere shawl to keep me warm.

If a flight is longer than 3 hours, I’ll take my slippers with me too (can’t stand sitting still in shoes for hours on a plane). I got this cute pair at the Beijing capital international airport years ago. It was love at first sight, they always remind me of home wherever I am. ;-)

Wish you all a wonderful weekend! :-)

Sang d’Encre

I hate cheap nudity, but always enjoy seeing works which express the true beauty of nudity. Just like this Blood Ink editorial from Numéro’s May issue, Dree Hemingway captured by the incredible Sølve Sundsbø.

Brilliant idea, impeccable makeup and stunning shots!

Picture Credit: Sølve Sundsbø 4 Numéro