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Spring Outfit (11): A Flash of Red

I wore this outfit yesterday at a causal dinner with some friends. One said I have to share it coz she likes the idea of the red rope belt so much. Well, why not? ;-)

Today is the last day in April, oh how time flies~~ Wish you all a happy May day and enjoy your weekend!

S/S Inspiration: Hardcore Elegance

I am so in love with this Tough Ballerina editorial from April’s Interview magazine, Freja Beha Erichsen by Craig McDean. The contrast of soft and strong, black and pink, leather and silk, Ann Demeulemeester and Roberto Cavalli… Amazing styling!

Picture Credit: Craig McDean 4 interview

I’ve paired a hard motorcycle vest with a soft ruffle dress last year (click here to have a look), it is not that “tough” like the editorial, but IMHO more wearable for everyday life. ;-) I do like to try something more interesting this summer!

Spring Outfit (10): Zipped Rosette

Who ordered a zipped rosette outfit? Here you go~~ :-)

I’d like to create a feminine and ladylike look with the zipper top this time, hope you’ll like it. BTW, the Carré is supposed to be worn as a headscarf since it has been very windy lately.

Spring Outfit (9): True Face of the fun Zipper

Thanks for playing my little guessing game~~

The fun zipper is actually a simple jersey top. I love the idea of zipper because you can wear it closed, open or even wrap it like a rosette! Besides, layering something under the top (stripes, polka dots, lace, you name it. lol) and let the zipper open really gives the whole outfit a fun twist. :-)

Something fun!

Can you tell what this actually is? I’ll reveal the result in my next post. ^_*

Spring Outfit (8): Yet another… Leopard

I hope you won’t get tired of seeing another leopard outfit. I’ll post something more interesting next time, I promise, lol~~ Have a great weekend my dear friends! :-)

Spring Outfit (7): Grateful Leopard

Can you tell that I have a weak spot for animal print? ;-)

The leopard print silk top with asymmetric shoulder was one of my Easter treats and the fabulous leather skirt was a surprise from my hubby, so I feel I should put these two items with love together. Team them with a pair of woven gloves, royal blue slingbacks and a brown belt.

They are all very simple pieces, but only the person who wears them knows how special and priceless they are. Shouldn’t we cherish what we have in life?

Style Inspiration: Yasmin Sewell

“You’ll never see me in leggings and a tank top. I’m very petite, so I dress to accentuate my best bits…”

Among the various streetshots of the fashion insiders, the style of Yasmin Sewell is without doubt one of my fave. She always chooses some simple, basic yet unique pieces and combines them in a harmonious way. Compared with these voguettes who are trying too hard to wear something that screams “look at me” or dressing like a walking advertisement for some trendy designers, Yasmin is definitely the one who has a very personal sartorial expression…

Picture Credit: