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Spring Outfit (6): Easter Green

We had a terrible storm last night with lightning, thunder and rain but today when I woke up, it seems like nothing had happened! Looking at the soft sunshine outside, I can’t help singing that cheerful song from R. Kelly – the storm is over now~~

With Easter coming up, I feel that I have to wear something in green. hehe~~ Wish you all a happy and blessed Easter! Enjoy your long weekend, and your Easter treats~~ :-)

S/S2010 Trends I love (5): Lace

I never liked the idea of wearing underwear as outerwear, and was not really a fan of lace either. However, this season’s lace somehow made me drool…

Well, I guess it’s all about how to offer the right amount of exposure and how to mix&match the feminine lace and masculine fabric/tailoring in an unexpected effortless way. ;-)

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Spring Outfit (5): Degrade Tulip

Spring is finally here! Doesn’t this lovely hand dyed silk dress look like a degrade tulip? :-)

Spring Outfit (4): Downtown Tiger

I’m not that kind of girl who likes to wear ultra sexy and wild outfit, but I do love animal print. So pairing this tiger silk top with a light gray knit coat and my old washed jeans shorts to make the tiger less loud.

Hmm… I’ll probably leave the belt inside the coat when wearing this outfit – for a more causal and effortless vibe. ;-)

Style Inspiration: Clémence Poésy

“Life’s way too beautiful and fascinating to spend time on fashion rules”.

Clémence Poésy, a beautiful young French actress who is famed for her understated and artfully insouciant style. I simply adore how natural and breezy she looks, always with barely any make up and seems so carefree…

Picture Credit: Vogue UK

Spring Outfit (3): Powder Shades

I’d like to continue playing with warm earth tones since there is no sign of Spring. The weather here really sucks, can you believe we had a snowfall again?! Anyway, pair them with bright oranges and a hint of red this time. It’s interesting how the soft powder shades then become vibrant, elaborate and even warmer. The whole outfit seems to have a bit more of sensibility too.

Wish you all a happy weekend! :-)

Spring Outfit (2): Terra Cotta

I love the feeling of wearing earth tones in chilly March: warm, calm and relaxed…

Carré Story – Regarde Paris

Back in December as I was writing about the carre “Noel au 24 Faubourg”, I also listed my grail scarves. “Regarde Paris” is one of them, designed by Bali Barret in 2006.

What makes my heart beat faster while gazing at this carre is the black and white pencil scratch. It brings back my childhood memories, the days I enjoyed painting so much and spent hours sharpening pencils and drawing pictures… The fact that I finally found it in Paris makes this carre more special for me.

The pop of fresh mint color is just perfect for the Spring! :-)