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Paris Souvenirs

A friend asked me if I’ve got any souvenirs in Paris. To be honest, I am not a big fan of these typical souvenirs sold at every corner. So no, I didn’t buy anything.

Last winter while we were in Paris, I found this lovely cocktail ring at a supermarket and really loved it. So it came home with me.

This time I happened to get myself another ring. It wasn’t planed but just a coincidence, maybe rings are my lucky souvenirs in Paris? ;-)

Paris by Night

This is our fourth trip to Paris, we’ve chosen to stay in different hotels at different districts each time and try to discover the charm of Paris from varied angles. This time, we decided to explore the city at night because Paris is one of the best cities in the world to wander around at night with a camera.

It was cold, but less crowded;

It was dark, but less noisy;

It was such a pleasant experience…

Just can’t wait to visit Paris again this Summer!

Pearls with Ribbon

I had a short trip to Munich three days ago. In order to make my train ride less boring, I took some glass pearls and ribbons with me and DIYed a new necklace (the bling bling part came from an old bracelet, how I wish I had more of these pretty little things). If you love the mix of pearls and ribbon but hate the price tag at Lanvin, why not just start DIYing now. :-D

We’ll fly to Paris next week, I hope to share with you some beautiful winter pictures of the city of light next time!

Winter Outfit (3): Shades of Chocolate Brown

It finally stopped snowing, feeling great to be able to wear my beloved leather jacket again! :-) I am normally not into these star-turned-fashion designers, but hey, this one by Sienna Miller is simply a dream!

S/S2010 Trends I love (3): Wedges & Platforms

We have an awful cold winter this year. It snowed, snowed and has lasted forever. This really makes me long for spring.

One of the big footwear trends in SS10 is the comeback of wedges and platforms. I have always loved wedge shoes, but have never been fond of these heavy clogs with towering chunky wooden heels as seen on Celine, Chanel, Miu Miu… Luckily, there are some nice wearable wedges out there too. Wedges in nude/natural color are definitely on my SS10 list. :-)

Picture Credit: n-a-p

Happy weekend everyone!

Winter Outfit (2): the soft Glow of the dusty Pink

Since it is impossible for me to wear purple from head to toe, I picked up something else from my wardrobe to go with the New Springs Carre. This is an outfit I’ll definitely wear, plus a gray wool coat when going out of course. :-)

Winter Outfit (1): In the Mood for Purple

I never really liked matchy-matchy looks, but want to play with different shades of purple this time. Dark violet wool coat layered over a gray degrade wool dress, team them with light purple booties and the New Springs scarf.

What do you think? Will you wear something tone on tone like this? I’ll probably change these shoes. ;-)

Carré Story – New Springs

First of all, I wish you all a happy, healthy and successful 2010! :-)

I’ve been searching for a purple carre to add to my little scarf collection for a while, but couldn’t find a suitable one until I saw New Springs in purple colorway. It is such a special scarf not only because of the design, but also the touching family story behind.

In 1974, Philippe Ledoux designed one of the most iconic Hermès scarves named Springs. 35 years later, Dimitri Rybaltchenko reinterpreted this classic design of his grand uncle to New Springs (The family has been designing for Hermès over 3 generations). I am not a big fan of the old Springs, but find the new edition really sparkling. Rybaltchenko substitutes the old realistic drawing with a sense of abstract via thick sketching lines and vibrant colors. Through the deconstructed carriage to express an unexpected modern kaleidoscope.

I’ll post a winter outfit with this scarf next time! :-)

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