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Happy 1st Advent

We did some pre-Christmas shopping on the weekend. It is hard to believe that yet another holiday season is just around the corner. Well, I am not complaining at all. I really enjoyed browsing the beautiful holiday ornaments and love the atmosphere of Christmas markets in the city.

Sunday was the first advent, the tradition is to light the first advent candle and bake some sweets. :-)

We tried kelly cookies this time, the baking form (plus recipe) is a lovely little gift from Hermès. The cookies taste great! BTW, if you are interested in the recipe, pls let me know.

Hope you’ve had a very happy 1st advent! :-)

Light up Black & White

The discussion with jibjab on how to make cutouts pieces look less loud makes me what to post this outfit I’ve almost forgotten. ;-) There are no cutcouts in this look, but the idea is quite the same. When there is a statement piece (the necklace here), I’d rather keep everything else simple.

BTW, If you are the type of person who prefer simple and modest clothes, bold accessories are always a good choice to add some visual interest.

S/S2010 Trends I love (2): Cutouts & See-Throughs

Another trend I find interesting is the new cutouts & see-throughs. These designs are definitely not for everyone, but I think they can be somehow very chic and mysterious if done tastefully. Would you use them to spice up your summer basics? :-)

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Style Inspiration: Julia Restoin-Roitfeld

A friend showed me an editorial Julia Restoin-Roitfeld modeled for Vogue China the other day. It is called “From Runway to Her Way”. I think the idea is quite nice because I like to mix designer clothes with H&M, Zara… myself. These “her way” outfits are not really inspirational but they are indeed easy to wear ensembles, that’s why I would like to share them with you gals anyway.

Have a nice weekend! :-)

left: Dolce & Gabbana FW09 | right: dress: Dolce & Gabbana, cardi: United Colors of Benetton, bag: Zara, booties: Paul & Joe

left: Prada FW09 | right: cardi: Prada, tee: Isabel Marant, skirt: Topshop, clutch: Mango

left: Miu Miu FW09 | right: skirt: Miu Miu, top: DKNY, clutch: Topshop

left: Jean Paul Gaultier FW09 | right: Coat: JPG, tee: Zadig & Voltaire, pants: Boss, shoes: Mango, clutch: Zara, belt: Lacoste

Picture Credit: Vogue China

S/S2010 Trends I love (1): Summer Leather

It’s getting colder, but the good news is: “If winter comes, can spring be far behind?” :-) Maybe now it’s time to talk about the S/S2010 trends.

Unlike the crazy eighties, I really love how leather is now applied for summer looks. It’s no secret that the leather jacket has become a wardrobe essential and in fact leather has never been out of fashion, however, it is still interesting to see how women’s leather clothing is being taken to a new level. Like a homage to nature: simple, down to earth, yet with an air of fresh modernity.

Please feel free to express your opinions and share your favorite trends.

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Art on a Silk Square

Since a dear friend asked me why the Hermès scarf is so special. I would like to share something I know. The first Hermès scarf was produced in 1928, inspired by Napolean’s soldiers. It was a big success, Hermès later launched its first carré in 1937 at a factory in Lyon. This is the begin of a silk journey.

  1. each carré measures 90cm × 90cm, weighs 65 grams and is woven from the silk of 250 cocoons
  2. carrés are printed using multiple silk screens, one screen for each color
  3. 43 is the highest number of screens used
  4. 6 to 8 weeks are required to prepare for silk screens and colors
  5. the hems are all hand-stitched, it takes 30 to 45 minutes to finish one carré
  6. each design takes 9 to 12 months of research and development
  7. there are 50 carré designers, contributions also came from artists like H. Matisse and most recently J. Albers
  8. Hermès issues two carré collections each year. Half are new designs, half are re-colored classics

BTW, I store all my carrés in their orange boxes (wrapped in the original acid-free paper). Tagged their names and colors on the box so that I don’t need to open each box to find the right one. ;-)

Le Carré Hermès: Yes or No

Many Hermès scarfies have been waiting for this for years…Now Hermès has finally decided to issue a book documenting it’s scarves from the first one debuted in 1937 right up to the present day.

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I was very excited when I first heard this news. As a scarf lover, I would love to own such a book that would have covered each scarf from day one, with a brief description of the artists and the stories behind. However, I figured out later that there are only less than 200 scarves featured in this book and with very few descriptions. It is indeed beautifully made, but sadly not really the one I’ve been expecting.

My dear fellow scarfies, what’s your thoughts? ;-)

The Debut

of my DIYed statement necklace. :-) Team it with a floral dress (for a dramatic contrast), a gray wool coat (toning down the busy print of the dress) and a pair of black suede booties (for a flair of urban edge).