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Berlin: Two Faces (part I)

We went to Berlin during the weekend. Berlin is probably not the most beautiful city in Germany, but no doubt the most interesting. A mix of the Old and the New, the East and the West gives this city some special vibes you’ll find no where else. One face of Berlin is about its traumatic history, you can still feel the second world war many places you walk or see.

I love taking pictures of street artists while traveling. Unlike those in Barcelona, the street artists in Berlin are
quiet and solemn. Most of them are showing or doing something to remind you of the past. Like this man near the Brandenburg gate.

If you are an emotional person, you’ll be moved by these artists easily. There are still plenty of remains from the DDR days in the eastern parts of Berlin around Alexanderplatz. Everything is dark and painful. I don’t even need to photoshop these pictures in gray scale, they ARE gray.

Please don’t feel depressed, because this is fortunately only one face of Berlin. I’ll post some colorful and fun sides of Berlin next time. :-P

A little black suede Vest and her Friends (7)

I really hope you aren’t getting tired of my lil’ suede vest. This is her last show (at least for a while ;-P).

Today I’m wondering if a cool suede vest can ever look sweet and girly. So I teamed it with a cropped swing jacket and a denim shorts. Used a scarf as belt for more softness and femininity. Doesn’t she look lovely together with her friends? :-) Please Let me know what you think?

A little black suede Vest and her Friends (6)

Plaid cotton shirts are probably the best friends of suede jackets/vests. IMHO they complete each other perfectly. ;-)

Today I put my beloved green plaid shirt with bow at waits together with a pair of gray jeans. Spice the look up with a statement belt. I like that kind of feminine with a hint of inner tomboy attitude, very self-confident and urban chic.

A little black suede Vest and her Friends (5)

I promised a friend to post some fall outfits with the same little black suede vest, this is one of them. The scarf is called “Les Zèbres II”, designed by Robert Dallet. One of my favorite Hermès carre designers.

The contrast of royal blue and blue lagoon simply make my heart sing. How about you?

Playing with Colors

Yesterday we had one of the hottest days in summer, about 35 degrees Celsius. Today the temperature fall to 19 degrees Celsius (the weather here really sucks)! But maybe it’s time to put together some fall outfits. ;)

I picked up some basic pieces and played with colors coz bright colors always bring a smile to me. Have a wonderful weekend everyone!

Back from Vacation

I had a great time in the United States. NYC is such a fascinate city, not only are the museums and skyscrapers spectacular, but also the people living there, so kind and helpful. I always heard New Yorkers are cold and arrogant, but we’ve met so many wonderful people there. From the homeland security officer at JFK to the SAs at Saks, from our hotel concierge to the taxi driver, from the city hall clerk to the kiosk owner…Thank you for making our stay so pleasant and making us feel so welcome.

We stayed some days at my uncles house in NJ. It is very interesting to see how the everyday American life is. On a quiet evening, he showed us the prestige Princeton University where he has studies and worked for years. I love this picturesque small town with a rich history. As we strolled down the street, a beautiful decorated bakery caught my eyes. French croissants and cakes are elegantly put together with fine china and crystal tablewares. I felt like taking a picture of the window just because of the orange boxes. For all my Hermès loving friends. :)