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Travel in Style (2)

Another travel outfit. I’d like to keep it simple and comfortable, so no dress or skirt on the plane, and no sky-high heels either, hehe~~

A pair of used jeans + a beloved old jacket + a white Tee + a pair of suede fringe booties with chunky heels. That’s all. Very easy to wear and still stylish, what do you think?

I’ll be back in late August. Hope everyone has a wonderful summer! :)

Travel in Style

What I’d like to wear on the plane.
a demin jacket + that harem pants! (I am going to get myself another pair) + a pair of satin ballerinas + a pointu scarf

and VIOLA! Simple, comfortable yet stylish. No? :)

Never Say Never

My friend and I went shopping a couple of days ago. I wanted to buy a pair of pants which are comfortable enough for the coming long flight from Germany to the USA (will fly to NYC in a week :)).

I was at the casual wear section in a store and have checked out some jogging pants. They are very easy to wear, but I don’t like the idea of wearing jogging pants if I am not jogging or walking. It’s kinda strange, at least to me. So I passed, went around and kept searching. I was about to give up until a pair of jersey harem pants caught my eyes. Harem pants? Am I crazy? Never thought I’d wear harem pants because I am short and I don’t have mile long legs like these super models. But I was brave enough to take a try. Much to my surprise, the pants look great on me (my friend said so too. I hope she’s being honest, otherwise there will be no gifts from NYC for her, haha)!

Well, back to topic. The jersey harem pants are the most comfortable pants I ever have. They are lightweight, stylish and just perfect for the long flight. I am glad I did give myself a chance. Never say never, right?

Will post a travel outfit next time, stay turned! ;)

A little black suede Vest and her Friends (4)

It is raining and cold. Summer in Germany is always short, therefore I’d like to take every opportunity to enjoy the beautiful summer clothes. Shorts are one of my favorites.

Today the little black suede vest invites her shorts friend to an afternoon tea. The same vest and shorts, but with different accessories. Easy chic or casual elegant, which one do you prefer?

A little black suede Vest and her Friends (3)

The same vest, yes again~~ Meets her skirt friend this time.

Carré Story – La Femme aux Semelles de Vent

Being a scarf girl, I am addicted to the beautiful scarves from Hermès. Although there are always gorgeous designs every season, I try to stick to my resolution of buying just one scarf per season. It works pretty well because I am a strong willed person. hehe…

Since this year’s fall/winter collection already hit the stores, it’s time to make the decision. Well, I have to admit it is really hard this time. There are too many stunning designs and colors to die 4. I was eying

  1. Ballade de Heian
  2. Christopher Colombus
  3. Jardins de la Nouvelle Angleterre
  4. La Femme aux Semelles de Vent
  5. Puzzle
  6. Le Monde est Vast

and end up bringing home the “La Femme aux Semelles de Vent” in CW01. I am fascinated by the Potala Palace like temple, it reminds me of Tibet, which is a place I’d love to visit someday. Besides, the border of the carre simply made my heart sing. These animal prints, the embroidered braids, the geometric and floral patterns are too precious to part.

The first two pictures are credited to The carre has actually a bright fuchsia border in real life. Just as showed in the third picture. A real stunner! :-)

A little black suede Vest and her Friends (2)

I played the vest with another dress. Perfect for summer!

A little black suede Vest and her Friends (1)

Welcome to my blog! I would like to use this place to share my styling inspirations & ideas, my traveling experiences and my love to Hermès. Thank you for dropping by and I hope you enjoy my blog.

Today’s star is a black suede vest which I bought from my last Paris trip about three weeks ago. I happened to be there during the summer sale season. It was crowded everywhere, but I am very happy that I found this lovely vest. It has that kind of bohemian chicness that I adore and I am amazed how versatile it is. I’ll post some different outfits with the same vest so that you can see how mix&match changes the look.

I am open for suggestions and ideas, please feel free to write down your thoughts. I would really appreciate your input.


outfit 1:

paired it with a zebra print dress and a giraffe scarf. I love the mix of the different animal prints. ;-)